Doper user names and their origins

There are a lot of Dopers who have user names that I’m interested in learning the origins of. For example, MagicalSilverKey, where did your name come from?

GingerOfTheNorth is an easy one - she’s from Canada! Eh?

And MrCynical - I bet your name is attributed to the fact that, hey, you’re cynical!

iampunha is an easy one, too- you’re a punha! Whatever that is.

So some user names are easier to decipher than others. But there are some really mystifying and cryptic ones out there.

Let’s explore!


Well, mine is claimed by many to be a misnomer, but I find it to be terribly accurate.

When I considered joining the SDMB, I was torn over what to use as my “handle”…I wanted something that expressed my curiousity and yearning for knowledge, something that sounded pretty :slight_smile: and that had “meaning”. Something that showed my idealistic optimistic nature in the regards that I believe that I will find what I’m looking for. And long names are kind of nice. Tada. That’s me.

-swivels spotlight on Civil Defense and shoves microphone under his nose- How about YOU, sir?


A life in theatre.

Ummm…The Grateful Dead?
It’s just the first thing that popped into my head when I i signed up.

When I was married, we had a collection of celestial things. The first screen name was on AOL, and Skystruck was the only thing that was available. A combination of being awe struck of the sky. Well, I am divorced, but kept my email address (ex was lame and never used computer anyway) so, I shortened it on the few Ubb’s I go to. Sky sounds femine enough for me I suppose.

Boring Story I must admit. I have thought about changeing it, but would not know to what…sigh

Mine is from an old sci-fi movie called,“The Forbin Project”.
It’s about a supercomputer,invented by Mr.Forbin.

The origin of the Boobs

Someone actually started calling me Sky the other night. Does it really sound feminine? I guess I’ll have to take that up with her, seeing as how I’m a guy and all…hmmmm
Forbin reminds me of a character in a Phish song…Good ole colonol Forbin…

[sub]wow, what a useless post![/sub]

I’m into anal sex.

my heritage. Who’da thunk it?

Well, which planet are you from?

Mine is a typo…I really do know how to spell Reader.

I know I’m new, I’m answering anyway. :smiley: I’m a cowboy(mostly at heart currently, not having the room for horses) who loves celtic design, music, just about anything along those lines. A friend noticed the contradiction in my clothing one day, the hat and boots and wranglers, and the celtic design shirt and belt buckle…the rest is history, or would be if anyone cared enough to right it down.


I am NOT! Le Sigh.

When I was quite small (2, maybe 2.5), I had a Paddington Bear doll. I could not at this point say “Paddington Bear from Darkest Peru”, so I said “punha”, only more like “p’nha”.

My first email address ( I wanted to be something nobody else would ever think of. And who, really, has ever thought of “punha” as a screen name?

Hotmail bites hairy ass pustules, so I switched before long and went, after a while, to netscape email. For some reason, was taken. Don’t ask me why. So I thought to myself "I am punha", and I forewent the spaces.

I like to keep things simple when I can. So I try to keep the same Screen Name everywhere I go (exceptions being espn and AIM). So when I signed up for the dope I became iampunha. People usually just call me:


Originally a few called me “iam”, but they graduated to punha after a while.

So that’s (again . . .good gravy, don’t you know how to do a freakin’ search, man?;)) how I became iampunha.

I’m thinking, incidentally, of changing my screen name to one of the following:


Anyone have a preference?

There is no contradiction. Traditional cowboy music has Celtic origins. In fact, there’s a band named Cowboy Celtic. I heard’em live; they’re good.

My name is quite simply, really. It comes from shibb, Ancient Greek, meaning to “shake your money maker” and O’Leth, Gaelic for “son of Leth”.

[sub]hehehe, I told them we already got one…[/sub]

I like “'punha”.

As for my user name… Res ipsa loquitur.