Peculiar things found by searching user names

Puzzling over some Doper names, I found that using a search engine (Hotbot/Lycos) helped me to figure out the etymology of some curious monikers (for instance, Badtz Maru is a Pokemon character, and Rilchiam is from a Lewis Carroll verse. I did not know that). Well, my interest was piqued and I typed in some more user names. Searching produced some curious results (all from the first page listed by the search engine):
[ul]Wildest Bill: His name brought up mention of “WILDEST BILL GAINING SUPPORT ON THE HILL!”. Upon further inspection, it was just an Ecosystem Protection bill bruited about; no connection with the Doper of the same name. There was also mention of a “Wild Bill Hendrick” who said about the subject of “Lobster cola survey”:
“The hobbits have ordered a MyrChant load of Pepsi for the Junaran adventure”. ???

Tzel: referenced the Canaan Dog “Tzel Schacmac Among Caolita” (Try saying that five times fast).

ruadh: fished up this – “You have arrived at the page of the Canton of Loch Ruadh (formerly known as Dun Loch Ruadh), in the Barony of Elfsea, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra…We are located primarily in the western portion of Fort Worth, Texas…” No comment.

Inky-: “All About Axolotls”.

Oblong: “House of Cans – Your Container Headquarters”.

Stoid: “Star Wars – Wookies on Ice”.

Alphagene: turns out to be “Jason” – “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was born…I am 10 years old and I have a Dad, a Mom, and a little slightly annoying brother…My favorate band is Aerosmith and my 2nd favorite band is The Backstreet Boys…I want to be a scientist or an astronaut when I grow up”. And this guy gets to be a Moderator?

Czarcasm: turns out your name ain’t original. There’s a CzarCasm (real name Stanley) who’s been around at least since '97. Shoulda stuck with slythe…[/ul]

yojimbo is the name of a samuri movie that inspired Fistful of Dollars and Last Man standing.

Well, when I searched my name I found this:

I have no idea.

There seem to be two or three other people who use my nick. Eh, well.

Maeglin is a kind of border collie, apparently.

Just a correction, Badtz Maru has nothing to do with Pokemon - he is a Sanrio character, like Hello Kitty and Keroppi.

I found Swiddles, but the description doesn’t do her justice.

To think Slythe gave up on this. What was he thinking?

I doubt you could find me on a search engine.

Actually, OpalCat, I’ve found three in Yahoo. Opalcat’s World Domination Surveillance Cam, Bubble Wrap, and virtual vibrator. Hmm, let me take a look at that one…

I did. About two weeks ago I was doing a Google search for something completely unrelated to opals or cats (I wish I could remember what I was searching for…) Anyway, on page two of the search results was OpalCat’s homepage.

cough actually I was being facetious. :::hide:::

When people look up my name they are usually so overwhelmed to find a track featuring Jimi Hendrix jamming with Jim Morrison that they forget all about me and the SDMB. Oh well.

— G. Raven

Good luck getting any goods on Five, everyone. Maybe you’d have better luck with my name over at snopes: Glenn Five.

A search on flodnak should clear up any questions about the origin of the name. Of course, there’s always somebody who doesn’t get it.

Don’t forget Usagi Yojimbo, the Samuri Rabbit.

A search on Metacrawler returned only my name as it was found on this web site. It’s nice to know you are one of a kind.

A search on Google turns up 2800+ hits for my name, but all but maybe 3 of those really are in reference to me :x

missbunny is a stripper and has a … I don’t know what to call it … an erotic Web site (?).

I didn’t know she existed when I chose my user name.

If you punch my name into a search engine nearly all of your results will just help you find me or discover where I’ve been.

I was pleased to see my name on quite a few Canadian web directories and see that whoever reviewed my humble little website liked it and said;

“Contains an excellent selection of well organized links to many great sites, jokes, pictures of the family, and Feynn’s own personal Rants and Raves. Well worth the visit.”

Maybe I should reconsider re-doing my site. Maybe it isn’t as boring as I think it is. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that! Yeah, I found out that Badtz Maru is a cute little penguin, after thinking for a long time that the name sounded vaguely Hebrew.

The number one Google hit on my name is from “”.

Cool. :slight_smile:

Plus, I believe it has provided me with a new sig:

Which I promptly forgot to include.