Username/Doper misunderstandings!

Which usernames do you make assumptions about, only to find out you were wrong, and what kind of assumptions do you make based on usernames?
For example:

TVeblen: I always thought she was a TV fanatic. Turns out this refers to a person called T Veblen.

Happy Lendervedder: For the longest time, I thought he was a she, and that she was called Happy Lavender.

Meatros: For some reason I always think of Meatros as a hardcore carnivore, who has meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Libertarian: I thought he was interested in collating books, until I actually read his name closely.

The Vorlon Ambassador’s Aide: I always imagine him in a butler’s suit, with a sash, and wearing a monacle.

Oh, and I imagine Octavia Smythe-Bunion I. Esq. lives with The Vorlon Ambassador’s Aide in a palace. And they drink tea and have cream cakes for lunch.

Anyone else have assumptions about Dopers, based on their usernames, or assumptions about usernames that have turned out to be false?

I keep thinking yours says “Sam I Am.”

I imagine BuckleberryFerry is a pervy hobbit fancier of the highest order. :wink:

[obligatory running gag]
But Sam would kill her if she tried anything.
[/obligatory running gag]

<------ Not a black guy. Just a fan of the Blackhawks and Hawkeyes.

For some reason I always see samarm as samneric from “Lord of the Flies.”
For a long time I thought mangetout had to do with touting mangy horses.

Only thing I can think of, which really isn’t a misinterpretation, is how it seems nearly 50% of the population of internet-dwellers is semi-blind. When the name is typed right there in front of you, how hard is it to retype it correctly? Apparently, it’s pretty complicated. Half the time, I’m known as “Pervatoid” - where’d the “ert” go? Pervertatoid. Simple. (Sorry, kind of a rant, I guess…)

I seem to recall wacky misunderstandings back when “Gazelle from Hell” was named “canthearya.” Think there’s one on the Page o’ Flames.

Before I saw the name iampunha, I thought he was someone else :smiley:

I always think that Politzania is Politziana.

A lot of people think I’m a man, for obvious reasons. Usually by the third or fourth face-to-face meeting they figure it out.

I’m not really a fairy, but I am really a Mom. I’ve been known to chat. Two outta three ain’t bad, huh?

You know, when I original saw your username, I confess I thought this as well. For some reason I had unconsciously blocked out the “AsAn”…:slight_smile:

I had the same thoughts. Well, I thought he was named Happy Lavender.

Hmm…I’d say this is a correct assumption…:smiley:

Call me Ino and … and … I don’t know what I’ll do.

Meatros makes me crave meatloaf :smiley:

The singer?

The meat mixture, served in loaf form

I have this vague idea whenever I see unclivny that he is some sort of Roman history freak. It’s either because of ‘C’, ‘L’, ‘I’ and ‘V’ in his name, which are of course used in Roman numerals, or perhaps due to to the fact that it shares four letters, in the same order, with Pliny, the Roman noble and historian.

Make that *unclviny, and disregard that part about the letters being in order. :smack:

Why do I even bother??