Name Anagrams

Take the name of something.
Mix up the letters in that name to form a different word or a phase.
That will give you an anagram, ma’am.
To make a game of it you can suggest another name for the next poster.

+3 points for every anagram
-1 point for every letter not used (that’s sad)
+2 points if you do an anagram of a name someone suggested.
Note: Points don’t matter.

For example:

William Shatner = When star, I am ill.

Not really Mr. Shatner. I’m just glad I came up with one that makes some kind of sense.

I’ll suggest an easy one to get things going.

Cecil Adams

Ryan Seacreat

Creat Say Ran
Ray Bradbury

Buy drab yard.

Arthur C Clarke

A Crack Hurtler
Frank Sinatra

Sank in a fart.

Ko ko Taylor

Lo, Kooky Rat!

Zbigniew Brzeziński

Biz knew biz ring size.

ZaSu Pitts.

At zits: pus. (ewwww!)


Ophelia Gibb? Aren’t we going backwards now? Also, who is “Ryan Seacreat”?

Nonetheless, “Amy Winehouse”.

Excellent! :slight_smile:

Amy Winehouse

A Whiney Mouse

William Shakespeare

I am a weakish speller

Chris Christie



The Rich Crisis

Paul Newman

Male UN pawn

Joanne Woodward

Don a new jaw door
Emilio Estevez

Seize Eel Vomit

Gene Hackman

Gene hack, man

(Probably doesn’t count, so continue with Gene Hackman.)

Hag neck mane

Humphrey Bogart