Name association thread!

What traits to you associate with different first names? When you hear a name spoken, what is the first set of traits (stereotype?) that springs to mind?

Here’s a few to get the thread started:

Zack: a moderately athletic extrovert with a boyish personality
Vladimir: A thin, sallow, evil-genius type (probably too many movies with Evil Russians)
athelas: Brilliant, charming… :slight_smile:

athelas - wasn’t that the name for the magical healing plant in Lord of the Rings… -? No… -?

I associate the name Brad with petty, officious jerks. In point of fact I’ve never met a guy named Brad who was like that, so I have no idea where it comes from. Sorry to any Dopers named Brad who are reading this.

A Moses/Moises/Moshe is studious and amazing at math and physics.

Jennifers are blonde.

Megans could stand to lose a little weight but are darned cute anyway.

Natalies are individualistic, listen to really indie music and have their lives planned out.

A Tony (but not an Anthony or an Antonio) is eccentric and lots of fun.

Helen is usually very carefree and ditzy.

Carol is brash and tactless.

Rob is amazingly self-centered and boorish.

(Apologies to anyone nice here with those names.)

Travis- sweet and sexy
Adam- eccentric and a little gone
Steve- old yuppie
Norine- maternal and controlling (kind of biased on that one though)

Some of it also depends on what they do to their names…
Peter is quiet and somewhat shy.
Pete, on the other hand, is overly cool.

But Julie is good right? RIGHT?

I’ve only had good experiences with Julies and Julias. Well, mostly. But I’m sure you’re okay.

As wrong as it may be, I have no fondness for the name Kevin. Every Kevin I’ve ever met has been a loud-mouthed, self-important ass. I’m sure there are many, many nice Kevins out there, but I have yet to meet them.

Oddly, my image of my own name (Julie/Julia) have nothing to do with my own self-perception. I tend to see them as somewhat girly, perky and bubbly. Don’t have any idea why that is - I’ve known very few people with my name (as in, there’s two I can think of off hand, and one was in the second grade).

I shall lay claim to “okay” with delight. :slight_smile: