Cool names for average folks.

We have had a number of threads in the SDMB concerning those that are given or end up with names no one else would want. I know folks with the last names of Butts, Fagg and Dick, I could not imagine some of the scorn or ridicule they have endured. This past weekend I met a couple people who have names at the other end of the spectrum, the kind just about anyone would not mind having. I asked both about using their names on this forum and both consented.

I met the first Thanksgiving afternoon at my step daughter’s apartment, she is a friend that lives in the same complex. Her name is Wendy Sugar. She said that was the name she was given when she was born. She is getting married this spring and hasn’t decided if she will change her name yet.

The second person was a checker at a local grocery store I visited this morning. Her name is Diane Blossom. I told her I liked her name, it was rather unique. She said she liked it to but felt sorry for her cousins Rose and Violet. When she handed me my receipt she told me she like my last name, then went and mispronounced it.

Who else knows or met someone with a last name that would be considered cool to have?

I met a bank officer whose name was Aneeda Gnapp. Her parents were foreign born and had no idea the sound of the name was anything particular in English. She better not marry someone named Mann. Or a lot of other things.

I had a student in high school, long ago, whose name was Princess Bernard. One of the seniors saw the name on a paper on my desk and commented, “Does she have a brother named ‘Saint’?”

I don’t know about “cool” but I have a friend called Fae Honeybell. snort, snigger.

My best friend at university was named Colin.

No, wait. That’s normal. But he had a cat named Steve. That was a cool name for a cat.

Near my hometown, there’s an announcer for the public radio station named Vic Di Geronimo. I always thought that was pretty cool.

I’ve run in to some great names amoung the customers at work. Most of which I can’t recall when called on to, dammit. But at the moment my favourite is:

Johnnylee Gore.

And she’s female. And, strangely, to the best of my knowledge has never been in a band with Lux Interior. But I’m thinking of suggesting it.

Oh and then there’s Randy Palamino. Apparently his real name not his porn star name.

My real name is Maverick. I love it and people tell it how cool it is several times a week. My wife met me because she heard of my name and insisted on meeting me. I’m sure there are plenty of people that don’t like it and don’t say anything but I don’t care.

Asheed Mapants would be a great name.

I use Chuck Steak whenever I fill out anything that might produce junk mail. I giggle every time I get some credit card or magazine offer in that name.

Bunny Easter is a FOAF.

Her parents were very odd, to say the least.

A chick passing through my small hometown many years ago (pre-Charmed television show, this was around 1995) stopped at the local gas station and bought cigarettes, and produced her ID, which read: Piper Silverthorn.

Pretty cool.

The name I came across that I thought was interesting was General Proudfoot. Yeah, his first name was General. I always wondered if he had brothers named Major and Colonel.

The Sociology Department at Rutgers University (where someone I know used to work) has professors Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox.
I knew someone whose grandfather, on coming in through Ellis Island, changed his very foreign-sounding last name to Joseph. That’s fine, but then what was he thinking when he named his son Joseph?

I used to know a guy named Michael Angelo. At first I thought it was neat, but then decided it was kind of stupid.

One of my college professors (many years ago) was named Joseph Joseph Joseph. He went by the name J.J. Joseph, so we didn’t find out until someone looked up what the J.J. part stood for.

I once knew a beautiful girl named Betty Birdsong.

I went to school with a foreign exchange student named Copy Machine. Her parents didn’t speak English, but thought those words sounded beautiful.

I’ve got a color photograph book on butterflies by “Dr. John Feltwell”.

I knew a Clapp once. He was proud enough of the name to ask for it on his vanity motor cycle plate. They turned him down, but he appealed that the state couldn’t declare people’s names objectionable, so they relented.

Not as cool as Kitty Girl Shivery Muffin!

My vote goes to Moxie Crimefighter Gillette.