The funniest (human) names you've come across

When I was working in Zambia I had a girl called Shitpee in my class. I’ll never forget that.

I never met him personally, but at a company I used to work at there was a guy named Bambo Banjo.

In the last month…

Fyle Cabonet.
Do Bang.
Jie Oh. This one was funny because I was trying to find a phone # for them. That effort was complicated by the fact that Jie is a town in Ohio, so searching under Jie Oh was nearly an exercise in futility.

When I worked in a call center someone got a call from Dikshit Bahl–that was a heavily searched on name for a while, I can tell you that…

Tan Cheese. We call her Tanny, and she’s really nice, but when I first heard her name I had to stifle the giggles.

Are you a teacher? Thats a brilliant collection of names.

Imagine having a roll call with all of these names all together.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard from a ton of good ones at my call center, but my favorite remains Chu Hahn Mei.


John Crapo

The entire Kotex family.

Dat Ho

Mickey Schnicky

I don’t know his or her first name, but I ran across a Doctor Ow once.

Griffith Griffiths.

ETA: An unfortunate in my college freshman class was named Candy Hooker.

O i had a girl in my biology class called Xenia Snowman

Insurance. :slight_smile: Those are all brokers I work with.

I had a teacher named “Roland Rotundo” once.

And yes, he was chubby. :smack:

I went to school with Wendy House and the headmaster was Mr. Cuss. As an airport rep I had the Valentines, the Hearts and the Loves arrving on one flight - not funny alone but as a combo it was.

Mr. Death arrived with a big grin - very animated and ALIVE - lovely bloke with a big smile hastening to tell me it’s pronounced “Deeth” as I thought. He told me people are often hesitant to meet him so he’s all into cheery greetings - poor guy.

We’re all Dr Ow if you run across us!

I played basebal with a guy named Michael Michelson (his last name was pronounced “Michael-son”). I thought it was a little weird.

My sister had a teacher called Richard Dicky-you can guarantee people teased him by shortening his name to Dick.

I heard a student at a local school refer to a teacher as dickholder. It turned out the guy’s name was Dick Holder.


Lovely, lovely girl. Smart, funny, sexy, wonderful.

But I always felt a little strange greeting her. “Hi Ha.”

Another smart, funny, sexy, and wonderful woman I knew at that time had the last name Ho. At one point, I was supposed to meet up with her, as well as her sister who was just coming in from out of town. I never did connect with them, but on my way through the city I met a sexy young thang who looked very much like my friend. Could have been her sister, seriously. I was sorely tempted to ask her “Are you a Ho?”