Funny Names

Some thread in the Pit mutated into a thread about funny names. However, it looks like it’s petered out, so I’m posting this in a little more appropriate area. Anyway, here’s some of my pics:

An obgyn from my hometown: Flamen Ball
Apparently, this isn’t that uncommon of a name. Doing a websearch to see if I could find the fellow, I found out a former U.S. Attorney shared the name. That would make him “the Honorable Flamen Ball”.

Peter Guber
(also amusing - he frequently teams up for projects with Jon Peters)

When filling out surveys in high school, I always preferred Ben Dover, Mike Hunt, and I. M. [insert dirty word].

“And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl proved the strongest man at last”

I used to work with a guy in San Diego named Fig Newton. I don’t know if his parents named him that, but that’s what it said on his drivers license and paycheck. I’ve also met a nurse named Rose Bush.

<< I used to work with a guy in San Diego named Fig Newton. I don’t know if his parents named him that, but that’s what it said on his drivers license and paycheck. I’ve also met a nurse named Rose Bush. >>

I work with a lady named Rose Bush. She was just hired about six months ago to be the day shift supervisor. I did a double take the first time I heard her name too. Of course, I knew a guy in hight school named Tom whose mom remarried and wanted her son to take his new stepdad’s last name. The problem was that his stepdad’s last name was Jefferson. My friend decided to stay with his old last name.

Some of my favorites I have seen:
Katie Rautenbusch
Harry Cockrell
Kim Fuchs

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

I will not lie. If I am lying, then may a bolt of lightning strike me down this instant.

Ok, over the summer, my cousin had to go to an orientation to some kind of summer school program, and I decided to tag along and listen in (I didn’t go to the actual program, though). And there was a Chinese kid there. First name Long, last name Dong. Put it together on your own. It’s a legitimate Chinese name, though.

I say, if you’re an immigrant, and go to school, why don’t you just get an english name? Is it really that hard to legally change your name? (I really don’t know, I’m asking). I mean, it’s so much easier for people to call me ‘Jason’ than to call me ‘Wing Tseng Cheung’. I was born in Staten Island, NY as Jason, but my parents gave me a Chinese name too.

I’m ready to meet Him
‘Cause where I’m livin’ ain’t right
Black hate white
White hate black
It’s right back to the same fight…


My father worked for Social Security and got these from their roles:
Elmer Fuckaway
Violet Hooker

Mom worked in reservations for an airline & one day a woman wanted to make reservations for her daughters Syphilis & Gonorrhea (I doubt that’s how she spelled them though)
From my personal experience
April May LeJuene
an attorneys office in Fort Worth
Norman & Bates

Those who can’t hear the music, think the dancer is mad.

While browsing through a Department of Defense phonebook, I ran across a Colonel Wympy Pybus.

While the early bird may get the worm, it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.

I work at a video atore and a couple weird names always pop-up now and then- like:
Dat Ho
Siekh Jabooti (shake ya booty)
Robert R Robertson- why the hell would someone name ther kids like that?

A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. -Douglas Adams

I used to know a man named Harry Butz. His life was hell.

There is an SF writer named Thomas T. Thomas. Guess what the middle initial stands for.

I went to school with a Kim Fuchs. Weird.

I used to work in an office where we contacted doctor’s offices on a daily basis, and we ran across some odd names. A couple memorable ones:

Dr. Safety First
Dr. Safety First, Jr.
Dr. Doktor Doctor

Oh, I forgot to mention the name of an consultant for our company: Gay (Gaye?) Lucy.

If Tuesday Weld married Don March and they had a daughter and named her Tuesday, then the girl would be Tuesday March, 2.

–Phil Harmonic

My wife tells me this story of a redneck couple in Northern Michigan named “Pigg”. The had twins and they named them “Ima” and “Yura”. The story goes that on their 16th birthday (Michigan age you can change your name, I guess?) they changed their names.

I say its a urban legend, but my wife swears by it.

‘Shut your pie hole’-Jbird

The Ima Hogg story I just read somewhere and it is true, but not from Michigan. Somewhere in TX or Missouri, I think. Crud, I wish I could remember where I saw it.

I use to have a client named George Aho. He was very grateful his parents didn’t name him Harry.

On one the Teletubbie that I taped off of TV, there is a guy with the last name Highcock. It would be perfect if his first name were Richard, but I think it’s Jeff. Of course, being British and all, Highcock is probably pronounced “Smith”.

Ah yes, divorce, fromt he Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet. - Robin Williams

Oh yeah, just remembered another one - Texas A&M’s football coach is named R. C. Slocum. R. C. as in Richard C. As in Richard Slocum. Yep, you guessed it, Dick Slocum.
Is it any wonder he goes by the name “R. C.”?

A guy who used to work with me was a recent immigrant from Taiwan. His family name was Pang, but his personal name, which he once told me, was too hard for most Americans to pronounce. So some genius, I suppose from the INS or whatever, suggested the name “Peter”. I never had the heart to tell him…

[ul][li]New Hampshire politician: Dick Swett. That’s what it says on all his campaign ads. If it were me I’d have gone by “Richard”[/li][li]El Paso, Tx car dealer: Dick Po. That’s when you Reallycan’t afford much of a car. . .[/li][li]A high school aquaintence: Mary Christmas[/li][li](I saved my favorute for last) An Army aquaintence: Sgt. Dwop. His first name: Wayne.Someone named their kid Wayne Dwop.[/li][/ul]

        Louis Wu