People with unfortunate names

This has been done before, probably several times. But I know ressurrecting months old threads is frowned upon, and I just had to share:

Today I had to fill out some paperwork for a guy named Peter Shaver.

(And while I’m at it, I went to high school with a Richard Head.)

Knew someone in highschool called M. Handcock.

Former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle.

Mike Hunt.
Nice guy, unfortunate name!

Did he retire?

Usually at every second or third pit.

Happy, one-man comedy team

Two teachers at a friend’s school had… Interesting… Official titles.

Master Bass and Master Bate.


My best friends last name is Smelley (pronounced smelly).

Butkis is a fairly common name but that didn’t stop us from giggling a lot at Father Butkis in the Catholic school.

Yeah, we had a Ms. Butkis. He he.

I used to work in a hospital where a certain Dr. Dick Hard would be paged on the Intercom a dozen times per day. Gave everyone a chuckle.

I worked with a guy once named Dick Stiffler, and yes, he WAS a dick.


Hee Hee! Dick Butkis will be mad, and will track y’all down… :slight_smile:

Well, this isn’t exactly along the same lines as Mike Hunt or Dick Head–but it’s still unfortunate, and it’s saddled on a little baby I know of: Magnus Otto (last name left off for purposes of humanity).

During the course of my hospital career I’ve run into:

Green Lipps
Red Bush
Stirling Silver
Cindy Rellie
Lemonjello and her twin Limejello (really!)
Snow White and her daughter Beauty

We used to keep a book of strange names…hmmm…I’ll have to go look for it…

Mark Skywalker.
Someone always asking you, “Any Relation?” You’d have to have the patience of a Jedi for that.

I grew up near a family that named their children in order: Rocky, Sandy and Dusty. God knows, what they would have come up with if they had had another child…

What if you were named Bruce Wayne, or Sarah Conner? Can you imagine the sheer number of prank calls you would have to endure?

There was a shop teacher in high school named Harry Pennis. I swear.

Perhaps less unfortunate than comical:

Patty Cake


My dad had a secretary named Ms. Wiener.

A client (or something) of my Dad is named Dick Long. Yeah. In the palm pilot, it’s Long, Dick.