Worst Names Ever

Anyone know of a site out there that lists some horrible name combinations, searched google and I can not find anything, probably since I dont really know the best way to search it out. Like horrible first and last name combinations. Watching “meet the parents” and Gaylord Focker is pretty bad, any others out there.


Heywood Jabblowme
Mike Hunt
Mya Buttreaks
Hue Jass
Norma Stits

just to name a few…

A customer of where I work has the name Rod Cox. Actually, that’s probably a pretty cool name, in certain circles.

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I went to school with a kid named William Williams. With the tendency to slur his name together, we all called him Wim Wims.

Sir Rhosis

There’s a neurologist in St. Louis named Richard (ahem) Head. I knew an accountant named Dick Small. And then there’s race car driver Dick Trickle. I think these are all pretty damn awful.

What were these parents thinking???

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Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

How about the baseball player Chuck Knoblauch (pronounced “noblok”)?

Sounds like a particularly nasty hold used in professional wrestling. When the public gets bored with that one they can always replace it with the even more viscious “Knoblauchpresse” (which is actually German for “garlick press”.

I knew a kid named Mike Hunt. No one ever really gave him a hard time for his name. There was the occasional chuckle at it but nothing mean.

a guy who owns a trucking company where i live has his name “Dick Trayner” emblazened on the side of all his trucks.

what about Dick Armey?

How about bad combinations of names? From a cricket commentary on live TV (with subtitles for the hard of cricket):

“The *bowler’s Holding, the *batsman’s Willey.”

*bowler=pitcher *batsman= batter

Dick Butkis.

I knew somebody named Mike Hawk.

Also, I thought that the character I met named Richard Pickle had an unfortunate name.

I know someone who is named Polly.

Now, that in and of itself is a pretty bad name. Unfortunately, her parents were exceptionally cruel.

Her middle name is Esther.

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The Band teacher’s name at my middle school is Jerry Larry Berry.

There was an outstanding citizen of a local town that was active in flying so they named the airport after him. Unfortunately his name was C.D. Lemons. I imagine that his dad got a kick out of naming him that, but for the whole town leadership not to catch on is pretty bad. They have since down-played the offical name.

I knew a fellow named Peter Head

Oh, and I like just about any type of pie.

I know a girl whose name is Ophelia Dickie. True. What the hell were here parents thinking.

There used to be loads of silly names that I had seen or heard.

I worked in a call centre for a bank for a while and you got to see the caller’s full name when you put in their account details. Some of them were really awful.

There was one called Donald McDonald. I have also heard that the Neville brothers (English soccer players) father is called Neville Neville. That is unfortunate.

Whilst I can appreciate people wanting to name their kids something a little different, they should really think about the kids. They will get so much stick at school. And celebrities are often the worst for this.

And how about the actor Rip Torn.


My girlfriend’s last name is Glasscock. She’s a sweety and she’s gonna kill me for this 'cause she gets so much crap for it. Worst part being someone gave her a, erm, toy for her most recent birthday.


I dont get it.
I like most kindsa pie too… not just lemon. Mmmm… pecan.