Time yet again for another installment of " Amusing Names"

I was at the dentist office today and while waiting for the novocaine to kick in, I wandered the small little room. Reading the patient list for the day, one of the next patients had possibly the most *amusing * last name I have ever come across…
**Heythaler **

Why couldn’t I have married into such a jocularity -filled name?

It would even be better if the woman’s first name was Ethel. But it was Susan.

“Mr. & Mrs. Pusey” - her first name was Sharon - that is the God’s honest truth. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. Were it I marrying into the Pusey Family, I’d have to keep my maiden name.

I know of someone (friend of a friend, but I’ve met her personally) first name Janna. She married a Mr. Taylor about a year ago. When we figured out what her name would become we laughed ourselves silly. She doesn’t like to talk about it. (Although why she took his name, I’ll never figure out).

There’s a gynocologist at the hospital where I work whose name is Dr. Box. I can’t believe he chose that specialty.

Doing temp work on taxes in a midwestern state I came across an unforgettable name: Melvin Pooch.
Can ya believe that name? Melvin Pooch.

There was a girl at my school called Holly Woods.

Several years ago, there was a football player for the Cleveland Browns named Fair Hooker. IIRC, The University of Georgia once had a player named Happy Dix. :eek:

I used to know an insurance salesman named Harry Cochs. The “H” is silent.

I know a girl named Donna Hughes. There’s also Dr. Weiner, a podiatrist.

I come across a lot of funny names through my job. Some of the most recent are Assa Bigger (poor kid), Tim Hittler (have any idea how strange it is to have to call someone Mr. Hittler?) and, my personal favorite, Anita Cox.

So he goes by “Arry”? :confused:


Anybody watch Pardon the Interupption on ESPN?
Budwieser Kornhieser

There once was a girl that used to go to my high school by the name of Autumn Woods.


My cousin went to school with a girl named Summer Beach.

Back in high school, my principal’s first name was Harold, and his middle name was Richard.

Which makes, of course, Harry Dick.

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the joke inherent in the name “Janna Taylor?”

I’ve heard of a Richard Hair…

It took me a minute, but I think that it’s amusement factor lies in it’s closeness to the word “genitalia”. I could, however, be wrong.

I went to school with a Candy barr, and while it isn’t a name that sounds like something else, a good friend of mine, when she got married, ended up with the name Shannon Fannin. I also knew a guy in high school whose name is Rich Marryme. He used to have a lot of fun answering the phone at work. “Hi, I’m Rich…pregnant pause…Marryme?”

There is also a pediatric dentist in my area with the name of Dr. Finger! :eek: All I have to say is that I’m happy he decided to pick dentistry over gynocology! :smiley:


I haven’t figured out what’s funny about “Heythaler” :?

My gynecologist is called Dr. Pelz (German word for fur). My GF and I snicker every time we make an appointment.