Name for plastic things at the end of shoelaces?

Does anyone know what are those called? Do they even have a name? I wonder how many other weird little things like that have names that I don’t know.


They’re called aglets.

Aglets, eh? So I’ve been decieved all this time…

Damn you, Tom Cruise! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

I learned “aglet” from “The Book of Lists” by David Wallechinsky, et al. Also, “punt”, the indentation in the bottom of wine bottles, “chad” the little round or square paper piece you punch out with a hole-puncher, and others lost in the fog of memory.

You can hardly get through life without knowing that the indentation under the nose is called the “filtrum”.

I believe the aglet is a Snigglet. A Snigglet is a made-up definition by some guy who got a book published. I wouldn’t put too much credence in it, but hey, we all need to call them things SOMETHING.

Ah, no, sorry, that’s really the name.

M-W definition

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE preview? :slight_smile:

Not unless Sniglets date back to the middle ages, Connor.

Mirriam-Webster dates “aglet” back to the 15th Century. It doesn’t come from Rich Hall, it comes from the late Latin word acus meaning needle or pin.

It’s “philtrum.”

And “Sniglet”

Does anyone remember “Leonard Moon, who don’t have the brains of a ice cube?” Occupation: former boxer, currently a shoelace recapper.

He was one of the characters on Rick Dees’ Top 40 program.

I wonder if he was the same “Leonard Moon” as Jeff Altman on “Solid Gold.”

Thank you, everyone.

who didn’t know that the dent on the bottom of a wine bottle needed a name.