Name in Caps = Shouting

Is this true? See

Well, typing in all-caps is, besides fucking annoying, widely regarded as the Internet equivalent of shouting.

But seeing as you only applied it to a name, my scientific answer is: hell if I know!

It’s probably an individual thing. It kinda bugs me, and I was just going on the assumption that it was bad netiquette. But hey, if no one else cares that much, then I’m not gonna worry about it anymore–no need for me to be flying off the handle because of something like that.

Well, reading the thread, yeah, it kinda jumped out at me, like, “Whoa! Why is he shouting at Ultrafilter?” even though I knew ahead of time, from this thread, that there was going to be a capitalized name coming up at me.

So yeah, I guess capitalizing does count as shouting, even with names.

Online netiquette uncensored

Aren’t the initials of someone’s name capitalized?

says barbitu8. Oh, the irony! :wink:

Well, ** Arnold , you made the first letter of my name bold, but did not capitalize it. Anyway, ** Duck Duck Goose uses capital initial letters in her name. So, when I refer to her by her initials, wouldn’t capitalizing them be correct? I mean why should I type ** ddg ** when her initials are ** DDG **?

DDG would be the correct abbreviation of Duck Duck Goose’s name because those letters in her name are capitalised - IMHO. In the same way IB would be correct for me, although I wouldn’t be bothered if someone put ib.

If my whole name was put in capitals though, I wouldn’t think it shouting necessarily, but it would look odd.

I always like to bold someone’s name, but not everyone does. I think that’s just a matter of taste.

[paraniod] Why is everybody yelling at me!![/paranoid]

::sees his own name::


barbitu8, I think that Noodles’ use of bold was just meant to emphasize the fact that you spell your name in lowercase, and hence it’s ironic for you to be talking about capitalizing initials.