Name my new business Please

I’m toying with the idea of starting a personal communication service that would pair (using a website/iphone app) lost tourists with student translators who would help anglophones with sticky situations (banking, getting stuff repaired, dealing with the phone/cable/electrical company) here in France. Basically a combination translation & personal concierge service.

I’m just at the business plan stage of the game right now but I’m struggling to think of a catchy name. Perhaps an english/french or english/english portmanteau or just something clever.

any ideas, mes ami?

Take My Word For It? (maybe our instead of my)

Gained in Translation


Found in Translation

(playing off the “lost in translation” phrase)

Hey, What’d I Say?

Language Barrier Breakers

Genuises In France

Have Merci

Need Help Fast

I hope you see how perfect this is for a tourist in need searching for help.

some of these are really funny, keep em coming, and thanks!!!

Immediately I think “mayday mayday” which is a distress call to English speakers, and actually is a bastardization of the French “m’aidez” = “Help me”

Mayday M’aidez

This might be too nerdy for the average lost tourist to make the connection, but I’m thinking something like “My Cyrano”, “Cyrano For Hire”, or “SuperCyrano”, in reference to Cyrano de Bergerac, as in Edmond Rostand’s play, where Cyrano provides his inarticulate friend Christian with the words to woo Roxanne.


Indeed that would probably go over too many ppl’s heads and hence be slightly harder for them to remember, but on the other hand, that is indeed very clever, thanks!

Favorites thus far are Hello Again’s suggestion of playing off M’aidez/Mayday and cormac262’s suggestion of using ‘Merci/Mercy’

i’m really quite enjoying this thread, I hope some of you are too!

If the translators were to be Spanish to English I’d go with something like ¿Cómo Se Dice? Translations. I’m not sure what the French equivalent is.

Pardon My French

Parlez Vous?

Say What?

Help me talk to this arrogant frog. (this would be for ‘Ugly American tourists only’…:wink:

I was thinking this but maybe spelled


lol @ “Help me talk to this arrogant frog.”


Is Francophone too obvious? I mean, what could be better?