Name of a Singer..

Okay I have this song stuck in my head… well the chorus… I know what its called (I hope) and was wondering who sings it. I think it’s called ‘Butterfly’ and the chorus goes:

clears her throat and sings the chorus

Butterfly my butterfly
Though I know you must be free
Butterfly don’t flutter by
Stay a little while with me.

And one of the verses starts:

Though I know there is someone far away…

Could this be it? If so, it’s Mariah Carey.

Moderator Notes: please don’t post entire song lyrics - copyright problems and all that. Here’s a link to the song you’re referring to.
The next person to make me look up Mariah Carey lyrics online is going to die a gruesome death.
I feel so dirty.

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Uhh no I don’t think its Mariah Carey because

A a guy is singing it in the song.

B It’s from my Dad’s tapes and one of the older ones of his so its probably more then 20 y/o possibly he even taped it off of records because its really faint. I don’t think Mariah ever had records… did she?

[ul][li]This means I looked up Mariah Carey lyrics for nothing. I feel so used.[/li]I think I know what song you mean. Lemme have a look. Did the guy have a french accent?[/ul]

It’s Butterfly by Daniel Gerard (or Gerard Daniel, depending on which web page you look).

I can’t find English lyrics - only German ones - but just enter +butterfly +Daniel in any decent search engine and you’ll get some examples.

Sorry Coldfire smiles I did try a search before but all I came up with was Mariah too. Um he might have had a French accent… it was slightly accented I just dunno what sort of accent it was.

mattk… I tried searching for that but I can’t seem to come up with it. I get a registery for musicians somewhere and some classical stuff but nothing like what I’m looking for.

Try entering those search terms in FastSearch, which is my preferred search engine. All of the results I got were in German, which I don’t speak, but they did seem to meet the right criteria, and the guy is almost certainly French (there’s an accent over the “e” in Gerard).

I got it translated and its not the right song. sighs Ah well