Name of clay animation Russian folk tale seen on PBS in 80s?

Does anyone know the name of a clay animated Russian? folk tale that was shown on PBS ~20-25 years ago? I believe there was a blimp of some sort but most memorable were the heros who all had unique abilities. One guy had stilt legs, another could run fast, a woman who could tolerate being inside an oven, etc. (Almost like 5 Chinese Brothers)

I seem to remember they were trying to fight an evil czar. I would love to try and find a copy of it somewhere.

Additionally, or another possible way to find it:
It was shown in shorter segments on a weekly PBS Sunday morning program. Any ideas for what program/show the clay animation might have been on?

Maybe The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship?

Awesome, that’s it. Thanks, ElvisL1ves!

Whoa, I remember seeing that as a kid too. What a wonderful bit of nostalgia! I did some looking around and found it on YouTube; I thoroughly enjoyed watching that again for the first time in nearly twenty years. You have my thanks as well, Elvis!

(And a round of applause for PBS, too; their programming of the late eighties and early nineties was an unforgettable part of my childhood. Brilliant stuff, almost all of it!)

Yep, this one was an old favorite of mine as a kid, too.

(Kinda figures that a Russian fairy tale would figure a way to work in a sniper, somehow. :wink: )