name of color

What is the name of the pink-purple color?
I saw a top and it was called purple this sortof


I have brown hair and I tried to tint it a little bit more red (amber) and it ended up coming out that color. That wasn’t funny. Luckily it was semi-permanent and managed to wash alot of it out.

Maybe that was a shade of color for the phlox flower?
Hallson Gardens

Looks sort of Magenta to me.

I’ll second fuschia.

Nice flower pics. Instructive site. Thanks Lisa Ann. (And artful hijack, by the way.)



There’s a color swatch page here ; interestingly, the specs for Fuchsia and Magenta are the same according to these folks.

This page might be helpful as well.

Mmmm… Colors! :slight_smile:

chartreuse is a really bright yellow-green colour and puce is more of a dark mauve. (they weren’t on 12hazel’s site)

'nother vote for magenta or fushia, but the violet-red combinations provide another option.


Puce is more dark an purple. The background color on the SD logo at the top of the page is a touch too dark to be a purist’s puce, but it’ll do.

IIRC, the school colors of SFSU are officially “puce and gold”, thought most people would ay “purple and yellow”.

On hazel’s site, it was orchid.
I’d always thought it was called mauve, but guess not!
Its a combo of pink and purple in equal amounts.
So I’ll just call it orchid.