Name of song - At Speedy you're a somebody...

Deedeedeedeedeedeedeedee Dum Dum Dum Dum Bombom Bombom Bom Bom Bom!

What’s the name of that piece of music?

How can I describe the piece of music I want here textually? The only way I can think is to reference a commercial that uses the music. So it’s the music used in the old commercial for Speedy Muffler that goes

“At Speedy you’re a somebody./We fix your muffler expertly/…”

Does that help?

One friend suggested either Verdi or Rogers and Hammerstein, but he’s not sure.

When wil there be a music database where you can, like, hum a song, and the computer tells you what song you’re humming?

Is it possibly the “CanCan” music? Seems to fit the rhythm pattern.

Midi file.

If so, that’s Jacques Offenbach, technically from a piece called “Gaite Parisienne”.

That’s exactly it! Thanks.