Name of the British ship in "Below"

Not that I would expect that a lot of you have seen this submarine movie, but do you remember the name of the ship that the three people are saved from?


I can’t find any evidence that they ever gave the hospital ship’s name. A couple of people on the imdb boards want to know too and there’s been no answer. All the sites that come up on google call it only “British hospital ship,” so if they did mention it, most everyone missed it.
Watching it, I thought that movie was going to end in a completely different way. I figured they’d give it another supernatural twist and end it with The revelation that the craft that rescues them at the end is somehow the one the captain ordered the attack on days before. A time-warp or ghost ship deal.
I like my idea better than the real ending :frowning:

Should I try to see this movie then?

I think it was the “Fort James.” It’s mentioned when the nurse is reading the captain’s log to herself.

Ross, as far as whether or not you should see it, it’s worth a rental. It’s effectively creepy, and though it falls apart at the end a bit it’s still a pretty good show. What I liked was that it was a “rational” horror movie. You’re never quite sure (just like the crew of the sub) if they are the victim of supernatural forces, or if it’s just bad luck, stress, and hallucinations brought on by breathing bad air.

If you like subs or ghost stories it’s worth checking out.


If it’s on cable where you are (it’s on all the time here), go for it. It wasn’t a bad movie, it just didn’t end the way I wanted it to.

It sounds pretty cool to me. Ghosts. Submarines. Giant CGI dinosaurs. What more could a chap want?