Name of tweeter not showing in Twitter links any more

Since the last week or two, links to Twitter posts no longer show the name of the tweeter.

For example:

Just curious if anyone is looking into this. It’s been happening for close to two months now, and it’s really annoying, especially since a lot of tweets get posted in politically oriented threads.

Agreed, I posted a tweet from the communications director of the RNSC, if you could immediately see his name and understand that I’m posting a reliable cite. Otherwise, it could just be some poli sci student speculating and basically worthless and not worth a click to read the Tweet.

Twitter previews used to be great, you practically saw the entire tweet in the preview. Now, you get barely anything, especially if the tweet was mostly a video or picture.

Yes, could something be done about this, please? unless I know who the tweeter is, I don’t click on it. Without that information, it’s just a box with a bird taking up space in the thread.

FWIW, this doesn’t se to be happening with other Discourse boards I’ve seen. It’s a local aberration.

Is it consistent with all themes? I haven’t played around with it.

It seems to be working again.

Yes, you’re right.