Name our new dogs!

Tiger and Lily
Smokey and Bandit
Pancho and Lefty
Jack and Jill
Skipper and Gilligan
Gizmo and Gremlin
Grumpy and Dopey
Aragorn and Arwen
Fred and Wilma
Barney and Betty
Fred and Ethel
Ricky and Lucy

Post of the decade. :cool:



Peanut and Jelly. :slight_smile:

We need to see these dogs, this is most important

Napoleon and Josephine
Tristan und Isolde
Anubis and Isis (or Hathor if you don’t like the association)
Zeus and Hera
Hades and Persephone
Perseus and Andromeda
Paris and Helen

Bob and Barker.

Bogie and Betty