Name our new dogs!

We just adopted 2 young pit bulls from the Sacramento Shelter. One boy, one girl, both about a year and a half old. they get spayed
eutered on Friday and we bring them home on Saturday.

Both are smallish for pit bulls and good-natured. (so far as I can tell). They met for the first time last Saturday and seem to like each other.

The shelter named the girl Lady and the boy Batman. Lady is brindle, and Batman looks very much like the Dark Knight.

While I think it would be really cool to have a dog named Batman, the wife will have none of it. :frowning:

We are strongly considering Arlo and Ava. (we are both Justified fans) But we are still open to suggestions.

Have any?

I like the idea of Arlo and Ava.

Then again, if I had a male pittbull I’d be tempted to name him Vick. After he was castrated, of course.

Bonnie and Clyde.

Call the boy dog Bruce (Wayne). Barbara (Gordon) for the girl. Batman and Batgirl.


Going for something different, how about Bo (for the male) and Jangles (for the female)?

If the dog is being castrated, call him Theon. Name the bitch Cersei.

I didn’t come up with this one…but name one “Chew” and the other “Barker”

Then call them both at once in your Han Solo outfit.

Miles and Ella (or Stella)
Ozzie and Harriet
Sasha and Bo
Thor and Freya
Harley and Shelby

Kappa and Theta
Goose and Maverick
Cherry and Apricot (both have pits…get it?)

Darryl & Rick.

(…who is going to mess with you in the dog park if you can call out to Daryl & Rick…?) :smiley:

Name one Happy, and the other Lucky. That way when you call one and send the other away you can say, ‘Happy! Go, Lucky.’

Squee! Our baby pittie turned 7 months today – good for you on adopting slightly-older siblings.

I’d have to see the pups before suggesting names; any chance of pics?

How can we possibly name these so-called “dogs” if we don’t even know they exist? :dubious:

Salt and Peppa. :cool:

So, Schröd and Inger?

Since the male will be neutered call them Peter and Heloise.

George and Gracie

OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I am the coordinator of the Pit Bull University program there at the shelter and I’m so happy to hear they were adopted. I haven’t been in since last Thursday so I didn’t realize they were adopted. Yay!

Do not name them for at least 48 hours. Live with them for a day or two, learn them & let them choose their own name(s).

We had to give OBL a name in order to bring him home. That name never fit that dingbat.

Donald and Hillary. Thank God they can’t mate.