Name retraction?

Name redaction made at request of poster to protect identity. (Aspenglow)

I did not know that was an option, and then to list the name??

I think you’ve misdirected this response. It was a different post that prompted the retraction.

If I am interpreting the post correctly, the original text of it listed Aspenglow’s real name. They asked to have that removed from the post. So “Aspenglow” is not the name that was retracted.

Wut? Aspenglow was the mod who, on request, made the change. Right? Or am I confused ¿

Now that you mention it, you are probably right.

Ah, that makes sense now! Thanks! (Emily Litella voice) Nevermind.

Perfect explanation. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

Happy Pi Day and a belated Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Belated from last year?

It’s complicated. We celebrated, hard, on Saturday the 12th.

Super-mega daylight savings!

To: Sir

I am ‘Woman’ hear me roar!

Grabs ear, takes unruly ‘Sir’ to the Principals office.