Name that 90s Superhero cartoon!

Ok, I know, there’s lots of those, but I have clues! Just nothing I can use Google on, so instead I come here. I know you guys will help.

Here’s what I remember: typical superhero team setup. I know most of them got their powers in the same manner–I can’t remember how. I know one of them was dead, he looked rather like the cryptkeeper. And one was a kid, but only his father and one of the other teammembers knew about it. He got his powers differently–he was in an experiment or something that gave him the ability to change himself physically for a certain period of time, after which the shell would become a pile of green goop and he’d climb out of it back to normal. He was a big muscle man named Prime (only name I remember).

Ring any bells?

It used to come on USA Network early in the morning. I wish I can remember the name but I’m pretty sure it was based off of a Malibu Comics series and their “Ultraverse.” It’s been a number of years since I’ve seen the show and I never read the comics.

Could the cartoon have been called “The Ultras?”


Ultraforce, actually. And it was based off Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse characters: Prime, Ghoul (the Cryptkeeper-looking guy), Hardcase, Night Man, Topaz, and I’m not sure who else was in the show because I didn’t watch it. But there was an action figure line and everything. Marvel Comics later bought all of Malibu’s Ultraverse characters and essentially shelved them forever, cutting down on the competition.

Ultraforce. I never saw it, but I read a few issues of Prime, the comic about the one who was a kid.

Odd, the picture in my link appears to include Ambush Bug.

No, the ugly green guy is Ghoul, who was some sort of friendly zombie. In any case, he was dead.

Night Man actually had a short lived syndicated live action series.

Ah, thanks guys. I suspected there was a comic behind it as well.

So bad, it’s almost good. WGN has been showing it late Saturday night and early Monday morning.
“You’re tuned to the frequency of evil.”

It also appears to have been reversed at some point in its history, as the “P” on Prime’s costume is backwards.

That sounds like a Tick line, which I discovered comes on one of the cable networks on a weekend morning. Unfortunately I can’t remember what network and what time.

The Tick is either on ToonDisney or the ABC Family Channel. I don’t get either channel here, so I’m not sure.