Name that book

Can someone help me find a book? I can’t remember the title, only the plot, and that is sketchy at best. The plot was about a group of individuals who were in some kind of experiment where their environment was a series of staircases. As I recall, the staircases were endless and that was portrayed on the front cover of the paperback. I also remember them having to get their food from dispensers, perhaps after doing favorably on a test (although my memory may have filled that part in). My mother bought the book sometime in the 1960s or 70s, maybe even early 80s. She is deceased, so I can’t ask her. Thanks for any help!

House of Stairs by Sleator.

I read the description from amazon and that does sound like the one I am thinking of but the date is wrong I think (1991) I could have sworn I read it a decade earlier. Would there be another similiar book?

This one?

Note that the book was first published in 1974. Apparently you’re getting the date of 1991 from the edition that you’re looking at, which was published in that year.

Thanks everyone. If it was first published in 1974, that would fit.

I went downstairs and grabbed it and read it on my lunch break (there are perks to this librarian thing.) Kept my attention, but whew the 70’s of it!

That took 1 minute. Amazing.

Is that the one where, in order to get food, they finally wind up having to do a really elaborate dance comprised of their individual activities the last time the dispenser fed them?

I’ve been looking for that book for years! Cool!