Name That Film

Mars Attacks

Sasha Dabinsky - the one-arm violinist who grabs his bow with his dick at the end of his performance…

The Hollywood Knights

Jack Nance tries to get his mutant baby to stop crying


Kyle Maclachlan spends a lot of time in the desert studying worms.


Burgess Meredith gets bludgeoned to death with a puppet.


Julie Andrews pretends to be a man who pretends to be a woman.


Peter Sellers has to leave the house.

Being there
Wilford Brimley swings an axe

The Thing

Hugh Grant kills it with “Killing Me Softly”.

About a Boy
Robert De Niro owns a lucrative property in Las Vegas.

Bruce Dern kills the Duke and takes everything 'cept the fire.

The Cowboys.

Terry Kiser as a man who can party to the end – and beyond.

Weekend at Bernie’s/II
Betsy Palmer shows up and redeems slasher flick.

Friday the 13th Part 2

Florence Henderson is a hooker who sleeps with a rodeo clown

Shakes the Clown

Don Rickles gets pummeled with a telephone.

Huh… thought this was more memorable.

Joe Pesci and his brother get buried alive.

Casino (?)
Mark Hamill loses his hand. Again.

Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back

John Wayne plays a centurion who has one line

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Matt Damon’s nose plays

Ocean’s Thirteen

“Skinny & Sweet” is not rat poison.

9 to 5
Two future governors in the jungle.