The movie keyword guessing game

This is a fun little game. Go to, look up your favorite movie, and pick three of the plot keywords for other people to try to guess what movie it is just based on the keywords. When you guess the previous movie, post a new set of keywords for a new movie.

I’ll start off with an easy one: Wristwatch, Toothbrush, Nicotine Patch

I had to cheat to find yours (never seen the movie). To keep the guessing rolling, I’ll box it:

Stranger Than Fiction, right?

But I just had to post this one, it’s too good to pass up: Cardio, Blood, Twinkie

Bumping this–there has to be someone who appreciates this game!


It sounds fun but I don’t know either of the two movies already in play.

Here’s one from me —

Dead Man
Crotch Grab
Covered Bridge

I think I picked some easy key words.

Beetlejuice, though that wasn’t easy. I don’t remember the covered bridge but made a guess based on the other two.

Here’s mine. This should be easy:


Super-easy, it’s gotta be Memento. And Zombieland was correct for mine.

So, let’s see, a new one, a little tougher:

Covered in Feces

Slumdog Millionaire
Serial Killer
Cross Country
Road Trip



Yep. Your turn.

Escaped Convict
Tennessee Valley Authority

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

If correct, someone else please post a challenge - the IMDB tends to crash my browser at work.



Murder of Boy

The Name of the Rose

Plastic Surgery
Samurai Warrior


I know the answer but had to cheat (even though I’ve seen the movie twice) so I’ll leave it for someone else to answer. I guessed so many of the earlier ones correctly, too.

Oh well, here’s another anyway:

Hospital administrator