Name that movie (spy/detective parody)

I’ve been trying to recall this one for a week so now it’s time to turn to the experts.

Of course I can only remember one unique detail about it.

The agent was in a meeting with his bosses in a secure room and he suggests that due to the extremely confidential nature of the material that ‘hover cover’ would be required. Cut to the next scene where they’re standing on the roof with a helicopter hovering low over them masking what they’re trying to say with the noise of the rotor.

Maybe from the 80’s, but don’t quote me on that.


I think I remember a similar scene in Spies Like Us.

Hmm. A Google search for “hover cover” and “spies” tells us that the correct answer is Get Smart, Again!

I ran that exact same search dammit. Just without the quotes.


Until you got to the part about the helicopter and the roof, I just assumed you were misremembering the name of the Cone Of Silence.