Name the Arnie movie based on the one liner.

Since any one Arnie movie may have as many as 15 great one liners there could be repeats in this thread.

I’ll start it off with a OL (one liner) from my first exposure to Arnie as a child.

“Why don’t you let off some steam Bennet”

Commando. Too many great lines in that one!

“You’re fired!” - bit more tricky that one…

Damn. That didn’t take any time at all. Thought I would have some people for a bit on that one.

I think yours is Running Man, the death of Pyro, though I may be wrong. Been a while since I saw that one.

" (insert character name here)…you sunuvabitch…" Said slowly in typical Arnold fashion.


I see you’re back (just like Arnie said)…

Hasn’t he said this in like 4 movies?

  1. “You should not drink and bake.”

  2. “You’re my #1 customer!”

  3. “It’s not a tumor!”

Kindergarten Cop.
“Consider that a divorce.” (said like “Considda dat a divoahce”)

Total Recall.

My other two are still left (and no, that’s not an Arnie quote. But imagine the set-up if it were!)

Let me add what is probably Arnies second most famous one liner, also from this same movie.

“You are one…ugly…mother…fucker…”

Oh, c’mon, Predator’s an easy one. Try this:

“Doesn’t anybody die any more?”

Another Commando classic, first:

Sully: Here’s twenty dollars to get some drinks in Val Verde. It’ll give us all a little more time with your daughter.
Matrix: You’re a funny man, Sully, I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last.

And then later in the movie when Matrix is holding Sully over the edge of a cliff:

Matrix: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last?
Sully: That’s right, Matrix. You did!
Matrix: I lied.

And then he drops Sully. Classic.

Who could forget his greatest film?

“You killed my mother, you killed my father!”


“Doesn’t anybody die anymore?” was The Sixth Day, IIRC.

All the good movies are taken, dammit. I can’t remember anything from “End of Days.”

True Lies.

(I dont think anyone had that yet)

Followed up by:

Stewardess: What did you do with Sully?
Matrix: I let him go.

“Stick around.”

Correct! Wasn’t sure of the line exactly, but it was where he fires the Harrier jet rocket with the terrorist sitting on top of it.

Actually, his belt is caught over it.


“I’ll be back.”

(heh heh heh)