Name the Homeland Security mascot!

From here:

So how 'bout it, boys and girls? What would YOU name the Homeland Security mut?

My suggestion: Snoopy.


I’ve always wanted a dog named Faltraz, but I wound up naming mine Ernie.

Ahem, I mean mutt, of course.

I’d like to see the character reconceptualized as Warren Terrier.

Bushie, the Son of a Bitch! :smiley:


I’ve always liked “Natron” for a dog.

or what about:
-Bert (from the Bert the Turtle “Duck & Cover” films from the Cold War)

Duckin Rover.

Big Brother.

The same thing Steve Martin named his dog in The Jerk: Shithead.

Maybe we can name him after Tom Ridge, and call him The Dog Who Barks at Everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow I think the most ironic name for the Homeland Security Mascot would be:


Old Code Yeller

We have a winner!

I second the nomination for Old Code Yeller :slight_smile:

Why’d it have to be a dog? I like dogs. Some of my best friends are dogs. You, Homeland Security, are no dog.

Can we get a retroactive vote, and change the species? I vote WEASEL.

How about a snipe?


Warren Terrier is way cleverer than Old Code Yeller.

Joining McGruff the Crime Dog® will be Rex, The Treason Dog®.