Care to speculate on our new puppy's breed?

Harborwolf and I recently adopted a puppy from the humane society, and we keep hearing new speculations as to what our dog might be. The official papers from the adoption list her as being a German shepherd mix, but I don’t see that in her at all. From other people, I’ve gotten guesses like beagle, bloodhound, lab, etc. Take a look at these photos and tell me what you think.

Here she is being cute., and here she is with our adult dog.

You have a Short haired American Crossbreed.

My mother once found homes for a stray dog that we adopted puppies by advertising them as the above, free, with papers.

Our phone rang off hook, and most folks were very amused by the mutt puppies and the newspapers that came with. A few were not so amused and were denied pups.

My mother’s theory was if they didn’t have a sense of humor, they didn’t deserve a dog.

I agree that there is shepherd in there, the other half i’m guessing is sneaky neighbor dog.

I don’t have a guess on the breed, but that is one CUTE dog!

And I’m not easily bowled over by cute. Even some of the links of cuteness here don’t make it in my opinion. But your dog passes the cuteness test for me with flying colors.

I don’t have a clue, but she’s a cutie pie and she looks so content, laying there with the big dog.

Beagle-Shepherd mix, maybe? I wonder how big she’ll get.

So CUTE!! She does look like she has some beagle markings. I agree with AuntiePam, beagle-shepherd.

Makes me want a puppy!

My mom’s dog is presumed to be a Beagle-Shepherd mix, and looks nothing like Alias’ dog (aside from the fact that they’re both total cuties). Certainly that face didn’t come from a beagle or a shepherd. What it did come from, though, is beyond my ability to guess.

MizTina, if you happen to end up with any more of those, let me know. The SHAC is my favorite breed.

Whatever it is, I want to hug it!

(FWIW, she looks similar to what my father’s german shepard dog did as a puppy.)

Apart from the ears and the colour, she looks exactly like the shepperd pups I helped raise last fall. In fact, she makes me miss the little female one.

No clue what those ears may be from, but that has to be one of the cutest mixes I’ve ever seen (apart from my own dog that is, who is a genuine North Atlantic Whatsit.) I love big floppy ears on dogs.

awwwwwwwww. So cuuuuuuute! I want to hug her! I’d guess she has some sort of hound in her.

Beagle, basset hound maybe? The legs and chest looking something like a basset hound’s build to me. So does the coloring a bit. It looks like some kind of terrier/hound mix to me.

I do some work with a rescue group and we’d probably list her as “shepherd mix” since that’s the main look. I sometimes tell people they’re “Purebred American Mutt” or “a cute, happy, friendly dog and that’s all we know”. Sometimes people aren’t as amused as I’d expect… a number of the volunteers call them “Heinz 57 variety dogs” but I try to keep the illuminati out of the discussion.

That’s a great story. It’s a shame that some people don’t appreciate a good joke.

If I had to guess just two dogs, I’d say German Shepherd-lab mix. She’s adorable!

My mom has a (giant) Miniature Pinscher who the Humane Society was billing as a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. When he gets excited, the fur on his back turns up into a ridge. Oh, and he’s red. That’s where the resemblance ends. But he’s really too tall to be a minpin. He’s a mutant.

Cute, cute puppy! :smiley:

Looks like there is some Beagle in there. I’ve always been fond of the Gok breed: Gods Only Know.

I believe that’s from the family Puppius Cuteous. What a little honey!

One of my favorite (fairly old) books had a character who adopted a mutt. He got tired of people asking what kind of dog it was, so he started telling everyone it was a Rumanian Mousehound. I adopted that phrase for my mutts since then.

Just something cooked up in the Lab.


What’s the adult dog, Alias? Looks a lot like my little guy that we just recently have concluded is more than likely a Lancashire Heeler.

My father had a terrier mix, Mickey. He was proof that alertness can masquerade as intelligence. That dog could watch individual air molecules circulate.

He was a very good looking dog but definitely a mashed-together “breed”. Still, because he was a good looking mutt, Dad got lots of questions on what kind of dog he was.

Dad started to answer he was a “West Austrailian Terrier, the only one in the world”.

Many people would know sagely, completely clueless to the fact that there’s no such thing as a breed of one.