Found Dog - What Breed (mix)?

What breed is this?

It’s about the size of a miniature pinscher.

Long-haired daschund x… mmmmm… jack russel terrier?

Heinz (57 varieties) dog? Product of a thousand generations of wily-nily dog sex? - A.K.A. a mutt?

Another vote for Heinz 57. What’s the story? Did you find her?

Yup. Wandering in the park.

She’s the ADORABLE breed! Seriously, seriously adorable!

:: rolling up sleeves ::

I love this game! :slight_smile:
Hard to tell from the angle what the shape of her face is like (i.e. how curved it is) but my first thought was that there could be some Cavalier King Charles spanielin her. It’s gotten to be a fairly popular breed, and they have “feathers” on their legs and tail like this one. That’s be the right size, too.

My second though was to notice how I - and several posters, apparently - immediately assumed the dog is female. OP, are we right? (There’s something very feminine about the poochie, dunno why.)

Pretty doggie!

Definitely appears to have some dachshund. And did you groom the dog? He/she appears very healthy, clean, and well-groomed. Certainly not a stray for long. Have you had the dog checked for an ID chip? That’s gotta be somebody’s baby.

Here’s another look.

All I’ve done is feed it, place a Craigslist ad, search the park for posters, and called the neighbor to see if she wants to house it for a while or keep it if no owner can be found. She did that with the last dog we took in about 3 weeks ago.


She looks part sheltie to me, especially the shape of the face and ears. 100% adorable.

I came to say German Shepherd/Terrier. But Morgis said Sheltie, and that fits perfectly. The coloring and especially the black “part” down the top of her head are just all German Shepherd. But Sheltie fits the rest very well.

That’s Dobie coloring, isn’t it? I spent yesterday with two Minpins, and except for the ears and the long hair on the tail (and the tail, these were docked), they looked a lot like your puppy. She sure is a cutie pie.

I’d guess min-pin and miniature long haired dachshund mix, if she’s min-pin sized. Shelties are much bigger than that. She’s totally adorable, and actually looks like a cross between two of my dogs, both mutts of unknown origin–Mirabeland Olive, although they’re a bit bigger than she is.

I’d call the police. My dog recently got loose and I usually can catch him but some good samaritan took him in her house so he couldn’t hear me calling. I went home and called the police and they gave me the address that the lady called in. She was trying to be helpful and as my dog is a runner he is microchipped and has my number on his collar.

This dog is someones baby and looks well cared for. Probably slipped his collar. My dog does that sometimes.

This dog has a worn out collar with no tags.

Our neighbor took the dog in to help us out. We’ll give it a couple days on Craigslist, look for lost signs in the park, and then probably off to SPCA for her.