Found a pup - help me determine breed(s)

So I rescued a pup yesterday that had been left at our local Target. She’s a cutie, but I have no idea what breeds may have been involved in her creation. Anyone have any ideas?

She has blue eyes. And a short muzzle. And cute ears.

I’m trying to find her a permanent home because mr.stretch thinks 5 dogs will be too many.

What a sweet puppy! Blue eyes aren’t all that common, but do occur recessively in a lot of breeds, and as a dominant trait in others. The facial stripe indicates that there is probably some northern breed blood in there somewhere, as do the blue eyes. outwardly, she appears to be a bully, lab cross of some sort. My best guess wouuld be a lab/husky cross parent and a pit mix parent. Alternatively, there may be some boxer in there depending on her eventual build and size. She looks fat and sassy though, so that’s a good thing. :smiley:

That there is yer basic mutt…

She looks really cute.
Maybe a cross between a Husky and a Yellow Lab?

Looks like a purebred Heinz 57 to me.

The fox-like features and blue eyes mind me of a husky, but then I would think it’s coat would be longer.

one of my links seems to be broken…this should work.

I’m mainly trying to figure out what to tell people when they ask what size she might get. I’m thinking around 50 pounds…a nice default number.

WAG - Pittie x lab (just something in the face shape and coloration.)
Cute, whatever she is!

Cute little cuss. Heinz-57 w/Boxer?

Ooh! I my favorite hobby! “Guess the breed”

The face says boxer+something to me.

What could make the ears flop forward like that?.. Boxer+something with standup ears, + blue eyes… yeah, husky sounds good.

Who knows? What a cutie!

I was thinking pit & lab.

The blue eyes are odd. One might think husky, but I don’t see much husky in the rest.

Great looking, dog, though.

Very cute. The size and shape of the mouth is reminicient of a pit bull or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Those blue eyes are a mystery, usually considered a fault on any breed the little guy resembles.

She looks like a black-mouth curr mix. Prolly mixed with something like a husky, for those beautiful blue eyes!

I don’t see any Husky in her, tbh.

Edit to add: What colour is her mouth and tounge?

I don’t see any real sign of Pit mix, or even much Lab. With the muzzle markings and ears I’d lean towards some kind of Shepherd and the blue eyes could indicate something in the Husky or Eskimo family. There could be Boxer but it’s always hard to tell with mixes, especially young ones. (Any idea what her age is?) At the rescue where I volunteer we’d probably list her as “Shepherd/Boxer mix” and tell people shes’ a Purebred American Mutt and proud of it! I’d say 50-60 lbs is a reasonable guesstimate.

She’s a cute one and I know we’d have no trouble placing her pretty quickly. You can try to find a local rescue group at if you need help placing her. Please don’t do a “free to good home” thing as that can often lead to bad situations for the dog. A reputable group will do better checking the potential homes.

Blue eyes may also indicate a genetic defect or deafness. Have you had her checked out?

(btw: Huskies aren’t the only dogs to have blue eyes [and they don’t always have blue eyes either], Catahoula Leopard, Beauceron, Dachshunds (dapple colored), pit bulls, bull dogs and North American Shepherd are a few other breeds that can have blue eyes as well)

I’m guessing Shepherd/Boxer mix too. Maybe there’s some Husky in there somewhere along the line for the eyes, but not much else resembles Husky.

ETA: Or what she said about the deafness. Blue eyes can be an indicator of a defect. Still cute as a button though.

I know very little about dogs but the one and only puppy I ever had looked very similar to her. She had blue eyes and floppy ears and the same shape face/muzzle. But mine was mostly black with that same caramel color around her face and paws. When I took her to the vet I told them that I knew her mother was a German Shepherd but I knew nothing about her father. The vet guessed he was probably a husky/lab or retriever mix. We kept her about three years at which time she weighed about 50 pounds and was very long and kind of slender looking.

Australian herding dogs often have blue eyes too, like this pup.

The OP’s cute little schnookums definitely looks like a mix. I’ve seen shortahired Aussuie shepheards, but her nose looks too short. If she’s really snart she’s probably got some kind of collie/sheperd mix in her. She doesn’t look heft or fuzzy enough for much husky.

She looks a bit similar to what my own lab mix did when she was a pup, save the blue eyes. I would say lab/boxer/pit bull with some shepherd/herding for the eyes. Not much lab, though…

And unless she takes after lab or shepherd ancestors (if any), 50-60 seems a good guess. Large breed dog, certainly. My own is over 70 pounds, and no, she’s a body condition 4/9 with a nice waist.

Well, I’ll chime in on the Shepherd and Boxer train, even if y’all did beat me to it.

She’s got a couple of features that definitely looks like she’s got some German Shepherd in her. Her body and muzzle and coloring look Boxerish, but it’s really hard to tell at that age.

There’s a fair number of Aussie Shepherds and Border Collies with blue eyes.

I don’t really see anything that looks particularly pitbull or lab to me, except maybe her coat, but that’s hard to say from a pic.

I’d say:
German Shepherd
Australian Shepherd and/or Border Collie

On preview: damn, now someone’s beat me to the herding dogs, too!

For a mere $130, you can know for sure: