Name the song from the Pulp Fiction trailer

For the love of God, someone name this song for me. It’s driving me batusi.


ETA: The link is safe for work. No cussing or guns shooting.

Dick Dale’s Misirlou. Another youtube video.

Note of dubious interest: Miserlou is actually an old piece of Greek music that dates back to the 1920s. It was originally played at a much slower tempo than Dick Dale’s version, and there was a folk dance that was invented to go along with it (my college girlfriend was a hippy).

Awesome. I was almost certain it’s Misirlou, but the clips I’d listened to on iTunes were too brief for me to be certain. I feel much better now.

Chefguy, in the digging around I’ve done on Dick Dale I read that much of his music is influenced by his Armenian heritage. I think there a few klezmer renditions of Misirlou around.

Rio, by Du***<BANG!>***


I saw Dick Dale live in February, and I believe he mentioned actually being of Lebanese heritage (although there could be Armenian in his background as well).

It’s amazing how well “Miserlou,” the Jewish traditional song “Hava Nagila,” and the Spanish traditional song “Malaguena” fit together. They are all standards for twangy surf-style guitar (and Dale has played them all in his time), but I actually wrote an arrangement combining all of them back when I was in a ska-punk band in college. I think we called it “Have a Miserlouaguenanagila.”

This is SO great and for all the wrong reasons.

How this escaped MST3K we will never know.

I am happy to tell you Dick Dale is still amongst us. And he has MY vote.

Heh. I love how all the Del Tone “squares” get more love from the camera than poor Dick wailing away. Apparently A Swingin Affair was Terri Garr’s first film.

I tell ya, I saw him at a small, smoky club in February. He looked good and played guitar like a man possessed, but he was very cantankerous and crabby, and insisted on singing a lot (REALLY not his strong point).

We used Dick Dale’s recording of “Hava Nagila” as the recessional at our wedding. :slight_smile:

Dick Dale… boy, that takes me back. I knew a guy who drove for him for a while in the mid-80’s- the guy was old then and really wild.

I love that idea, and hopefully I can rip you off some time in the next couple of years!

I saw Dale at the Brookdale Lodge up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Loud as sh*t. To here Dick tell it, Tarentino called him and asked permission to use the song. After Dick said yes, QT locked himself in a room and played “Miserlou” over and over while he wrote the story.

You gotta admit, it does set up the movie perfectly. When that guitar hit, I knew we were in for a helluva ride.

Is she the big-ass blonde twisting in the foreground? If so, she was the star of that clip. :cool:

You’re welcome to it!