Please help me identify this instrumental

I am trying to identify this guitar instrumental from the sixties, I think. You’ll probably need to copy the link into your browser to hear my inartful playing:

You have to copy the link, open new window, paste link to get it to load (won’t work from clicking link at least not on my browser).

Sorry, don’t recognize it.

I did the cut and paste thing, but sorry, don’t recognize it - sounds fun!

Well, it kind of sounds Ventures-y or Dick Dale-y, but that’s all I’ve got. Where did you hear this? What’s the backing instrumentation sound like? Is the part you’re playing actually played on a reverby guitar in the actual tune?

Unknown to me, but I buy into pulykamell’s take on it.

I’m almost certain it’s from the era of surf instrumentals. I’ve been dinking around playing it since I started figuring out how to play the Chantays and Walk Don’t Run back in the day, so it must have been on the radio about the same time. My first instinct is to say it might have been the B side of one of the 45’s from that era, but of course I’m not sure. I even went through about 100 guitar instrumentals on youtube, but couldn’t find it. I just know someone will pop in and remember what it is. You guys haven’t failed me yet!

Could it be Surf Rider from Pulp Fiction? Maybe mixed in with a bit of Misirlou from the same movie?

No. It was the same melody that I posted, exactly.

I think that’s “Mr. Moto” by The Belairs:

[quote=“Ellis_Aponte_Jr, post:9, topic:749317”]

I think that’s “Mr. Moto” by The Belairs:


That’s it! I’ll check further now that I have a name, but that doesn’t sound like precisely the version I remember. But thanks! I knew somebody would come through!

This one by the Challengers is more like the one I remember, but it’s not quite it either. The search goes on.

The Ventures did it too

Closest yet: The Sabres.

Indeed. It appears every surf band did it!

I knew that I knew this song when I listened earlier, but couldn’t put a name to it either. My surf band covered The Belairs’ “Squad Car” in the past, and almost certainly will again. Oddly, the posted versions don’t sound like the one I had in my mind either, and it’s not the Agent Orange version either. I’ve been browsing the versions I can find, and it doesn’t appear that the Centurions or the mighty Man or Astro-Man? did it.

I think the one I hear in my head is The Lively Ones’ version. Oh, that muffled surf bass is sexy. It’s probably the one that I was subconsciously trying to match in my head when mixing our record.

Thank you for asking this question, pohjonen, and thank you for answering it, Ellis Aponte Jr.

HA. That doesn’t quite match the one in my head either. I can’t remember the movie I saw last month, but I can recall pretty vividly the nuances of a song I haven’t heard in fifty years. That’s the brain for ya. I’m glad my long wondering about the song has finally been answered, however.

Thom Starr and the Galaxies. It’s the most familiar to me, so far.