Name this cat breed / colour

Here she is. Any ideas ?


Mixed breed. Calico.

This type of cat is typically referred to as simply a “Domestic Shorthair” and the color is a form of tabby called “Tortoiseshell and White.” The Domestic Shorthair and Longhair can include any cat that doesn’t come from two parents that are either unknown, or neither parent is a pedigree. It is the feline equivalent of a mutt. Nice looking cat!

I’ll abandon “calico.” Tortoishell is better and the proper term.

Why thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Your “tortoiseshell & white” looks remarkably like mine:


Which in turn looks remarkably like my Honey Cat…

Damn but I need mum’s digicam!

And my cat Suzy

They are also called Torties. I don’t know about your cat, but Suzy (like many Tortoishells) can be a bit unpredictable. One minute she is all over you , next minute she will bite.

Damnit, need a login to see the kitty :frowning:

Sorry about that , I will try to get the picture on the net another way. :smack:

Try this for Suzy

Awwwwwwww… She’s adorable!

Yes, and she bought us a present of a live mouse a couple of days ago. I was chasing it round our conservatory at 11 at night. I caught it and released it into the garden. It seemed OK.

I disagree. She is Calico (tri-colored) with tortishell as one of her three colors.

Calicos are almost always girls. As I understand it, each X can carry up to two colors (tortishell is one color, the hairshaft itself is varigated)

She is mighty cute. And a mighty huntress!

This has been discussed on this board before. As usual we are two nations divided by a common language! These cats are always called Tortoiseshell over here while the preferred name is Calico in the US.

Must be a trait common to these cats. Our cat Honey has only managed to kill a mouse once, and I think that was by mistake. The other times she’s always had them live and wanted me to come see…

Tell me to shut up if I’m wrong, but I thought Calicos were normally females because tortishells are normally femmes, just like full gingers are usually boys, and calicos normally are torti+white.

Nope. toritshells can be either male or female. I know lots of tortishell and white males. Tortishell is the varigated pattern of browns you see in her darker patches.

BTW, when the cat brings you her kill, she’s treating you as one of her kittens (she wants to teach you to kill.) You might notice she has a particular “meow” that signifies a live capture. Mama cats call their kittens for “practice time.”

If she’s just batting it around, she’s playing with it. Mouses are fun toys.

Yes, Roxie does that, too. She’ll be meowing at me, begging me to pet her & for her to curl up on me, and then all of a sudden she’ll snap at me & stalk off.

Moody bitch. :wink:

As I understand it, if she brings you a dead kill, she’s giving you a present, sharing food with the alpha of the pride.