Name this house plant...

My GF’s mother has this plant growing in her kitchen. It’s a hanging vine thing and has dark green plastic-like leaves.

The most remarkable thing is the flowers. It bursts out in little white five pointed flowers with little diamond-shaped petals. Inside the first set of five petals, is another set that are turned to just counter the first. That is to say, the points of the inner petals exactly line up with the gaps in the outer set. Inside that is a little yellow dot. The flowers are waxy and tough.

They look just perfect, just like plastic flowers stamped from a machine.

I joke this is the only plastic plant I know that grows.

Anybody know what it may be?

Audrey Junior

How about Hoya multiflora ‘Shooting Star’?

If not that particular one, I’d still suggest some other variety of Hoya.

That there would be a hoya, unmistakably. I have some cuttings growing, can’t wait till they bloom.

Yup - that’s it. Thanks all.

I’ll make a few points and let her know.

Cuttings, huh? Maybe I can get some her. Like a spider plant? Just clip it at a joint, drop it in water and wait for the roots to appear?


Hoyas are succulents, so rooting in water probably isn’t the optimal way to do it.

Take stem cuttings a few inches long, remove leaves from the bottom inch or so and let the cutting dry out for an hour or two. Then insert the lower part of the stem into moist but not soggy potting mix, cover with a clear plastic bag and keep in bright light (not sun) until new growth is under way, then gradually open and remove the bag over a couple of days.

In case anybody was wondering on the name. It was from Little Shop of Horrors.

I, for one, was right up there with you.

Feed Me!
Feed me all night long…

I feel so dirty right now. Like I’ve been dipped in potting soil

That’s pretty much how I did it. I used a rooting hormone, too. I didn’t know what the success rate would be, so I cut up a long vine into twelve cuttings. Good thing I did - only two of them took.