Name this movie

Can’t figure it out from IMDB. Saw part of it on FX yesterday when I was out and now cannot find yesterdays listings. Cuba Gooding Jr. works at a big box hardware store and ends up being hunted by a tattooed Russian guy.

Moderator Action

Since this involves a movie, let’s move it to Cafe Society (from GQ).

Sounds a lot like The Equalizer (2014), except it starred Denzel Washington, not Cuba Gooding, Jr.

ETA: TV Guide allows you to look at the previous day’s listings. The Equalizer did run on FX yesterday from 8PM to 11 PM here in the eastern time zone.

Wow. I am so embarrassed. Yes, it was Denzel.

The Equalizer II is being released this weekend in theaters. Hence, why the original is being reshown on cable.

The Equalizer is a movie updating of the TV show from the 90’s.

Equalizer 2 is Denzel’s first sequel. It’s currently 47% at RT (33% top critics).

It’s going to need all the promo help it can get.

Moderator Action sounds like a kickass movie though.

Would it be a re-make of that 80’s action flick, The Banninator?

It’s not that bad. At least Cuba Gooding Jr only has one less Oscar than Denzel, nearly everyone else has two less.

Moderator Action 2 : Revenge of the Hall Monitor

Or a Porn movie.

The sequel is always better than the first one;)

You’re in luck this weekend! They expect 8 of the top 10 films at the box office will be sequels. We are indeed living in a golden age.

Reviews are pouring in for the newest release from SDMB Studios: Suspension.

" ‘Suspenseful’, says New York Times…"

" ‘I had to go home for a week and think about what happened,’ says Washington Post…"

" ‘I’m not sure I’ll ever be back to the theater,’ says Newsweek…"

Fans respond, “don’t let the door hit you…”