Name this please.

What is the name of the part that is there below the nose and above the upper lips to be more specific, where we find mustach in males ?

I think that is just called the upper lip.

If you mean the groove in the lip, that is called the philtrum.

Is there a specific term for the upper lip? Philtrum is the only word I can think of that might be remotely close to what the OP is looking for.

And in Catholic school, kids are taught that the area has a different name- one that escapes me at the moment- because it’s where the angel touched the child before it was born and told it “shhhh”.

Sorry, this post is completely unhelpful…

Everybody knows noisy kids get smacked with a ruler in catholic school.

Philtrum I think …?

Okay, so the local radio station here has a trivia game they play each day. When I got in my car, I heard the tail end of it…“I’m sorry that’s wrong, the correct answer is philtrum.” Wish I had called in, I would’ve known the answer.

Or if you’re Douglas Adams, Des Moines.