What is the space between the upper lip and nose called?

I don’t remember. I used to know. (At least, I think I remember that I used to know…)

Red Wings, you’re more likely to get an answer if you post this to “General Questions” instead or “Great Debates”. I just can’t see two groups of philosophers getting in long debates over the issue. :slight_smile:

Your Quadell

It’s the philtrum. And the pointy thing in front of your ear is the tragus. Anyone wanna debate this? :wink:

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

Dammit! All good hearted people call it the naso-labial trough! Accept this terminology now and maybe you can be saved…

Oh yeah? Well, I got a Confederate flag tatooed in my naso-labial trough while riding Noah’s Ark up to the Sapce Station! Anyone got a problem with it?

Right after I hit “Submit Reply,” I noticed that I misspelled Space. Kind of like noticing your keys in the ignition just as you’re slamming your (locked) door.

It is my duty to inform you that you have strayed from the One True Way. Note how you use the word “trough”–now what animal eats out of troughs? Pigs! and everyone knows pigs are unclean. How can you question this logic? Repent and follow the Holy Philtrum!

Strainger, you also misspelled “tattoo”. If you join with the Holy Philtrum it will guide you and prevent you from making such mistakes! Repent and join your Brothers of Proper Spelling of the Church of the Holy Philtrum!

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

You elitist intillectual pigs.

The common (prolotarian) term is:

Snot Chute

“…for in those days, brother shall rise up against brother and neighbor against neighbor. One man will spread his arms toward the heavens and cry ‘Philtrum, my Lord! Philtrum!’ Another will wear befouled sackloth and gnash his teeth, saying, ‘Naso-lablial trough, oh God!’ Know ye then that these are the last days.”

II Anatomy 4:76 (MKIAV)

Carpe hoc!

Only one of your kind would try to spell sapce as space! Now that we have located you we will be coming soon carrying the plectrum of rightuousness before. Don’t worry you will recognize us. “And ye shall know them by the ratatattoos in their laterally extenuated naso-philtrim-trough above the lip groove thingy” Mediocraties 9 to 5.

Galy, if I told you once, I told ya a hunert times ‘No it don’t’ get your nose outa your ass and you could see that

LSHIGRBUMN, past my philtrum! I find it ironic that someone called “red wings” would be concerned about such an anatomical feature! What a great bunch of cunning linguists!

I am always willing to educate people in the finer points of my tongue…

Don’t see any irony. He chose the name,and as a practitioner of cunning linguistics ,he’s been using that anatomical feature , now he wants to know what it is. I am presumptious in assuming HE. Now back to the debate… no it aint ,'tis too, tisn’t, tis

Sorry, Gaudere, the philtrum is the medial groove running from the nose to the upper lip. The technical term for the entire space between nose and mouth (where a mustache is grown) is ‘cookie duster.’

Pretty in depth question for a person named redwings. must have had your wife/cousin type it for you…L. this question was covered in Mr. Adams’ book, the straight dope(1984).