Name with the most x's?

I was just thinking about this. The best I can come up with is two, for example the actors Jamie Foxx and Alexander Knox, or Nexhmije Hoxha, wife of the former Communist boss of Albania.

Let’s keep it to real, or at least non-contrived, names. Eg, no Lisa Sparxxx or Rachel Roxxx (and don’t image search those two at work ;)).

I don’t really want to accept Chinese transliterations, but if we can’t get three or more x’s any other way, it may be unavoidable.

Somebody with a first name of Xerxes might be good place to start


Here’s a report of the birth of Xerxes Xarya, in Baltimore in July 2008.

Lisa Sparxxx has my vote even if it doesn’t count.

I hope that kid is big because he just might get the crap kicked out of him for that name.

There are various people on Facebook, etc., with the last name Foxx and first names that include an X, such as Alex, Max and Trixie.

Or he can form a support group with the (now-toddler) son of some friends of ours, Achille Biswanger (no “s” at the end of the first name)

Sorry to threadjack, but I just had to share. But, if I must keep it on topic, I’ll quote the Seuss-man:

I’m not sure how likely it is that he be a massive beast. According to the link he was 3 months premature.

This doesn’t win, but I had a college roommate named Roxanne Cox. Hardly anyone has one X in their name, and here she had two!

At one time I had four L’s in my name, which I always thought was moderately entertaining.

My worry for young Xerxes is that he will one day have a schoolmate named Leonidas.

I dunno, but I wanted to take the opportunity to share this name.


Oh the poor girl. “Rocks-an’-Cocks”. I bet her life must have been…fun in Jr. High.

X is very useful
If your name is Nixie Knox;
It also comes in handy
Spelling “axe” or “extra fox.”

Hey, that’s my little boy!

Somehow I doubt it.
He’s pretty good sized for his age. More importantly, he’s an friendly, extroverted little charmer. And all the parents at the playground think his name is cool. The little X-Man has loads of charisma. I’d post a pic if I could.

Hey, at least I didn’t name him Xerxes Xavier Xander Xadkiel Xarya!

Okay, this is seriously cool. Welcome! Did you think about the X’s when you named him?

Well, seeing as your first name is “Voron,” I think naming your son Xerxes actually shows remarkable restraint!

Let me echo BigT’s sentiments and join in welcoming you to the Dope. What a cool way to stumble onto us here; I hope you stick around.

@BigT, @Wheelz - thanks for the welcome! It’s very cool to see my boy is famous!

@Beware of Doug- I hope not! His cousin (who is both younger and gestationally older) is named Theoden (and has Xavier as a middle name, incidentally), and is trouble enough!

@little*bit - actually, he’s mostly fed through a G-Tube, which ensures he gets all his calories (unlike many toddlers, picking through food, eating bird-like portions, and leaving the majority behind) and has caught up to his calendar age group. He’s very smart, too - at 31 months he was play-sipping a keurig K-cup (coffee cartridge) and saying “Ahhh, It’s exquisite.”

@BigT- yes, to a certain extent we thought about the X’s. For example, the wife absolutely forbade the name Xerxes Xander Xarya, as fun as it is to joke about having the initials XXX.
We were always going to give him 2 middle names, as it is a family tradition. Actually, we originally had a huge list of girl’s names, and just a few boy’s name. Originally we were thinking Corvin Evander Xarya (he could go by “Vin” if he wanted.) and then names like Lucien, Sebastian, Orion, Israfel came into play - Xerxes was originally almost more of a joke. My wife originally didn’t like it too much. However, when we saw the sonogram where we knew he was a he, we both independently knew. I was thinking “So, is that Xerxes?”, and after the tech walked out of the room, my wife turned to me and said, “What about Xerxes?”. Then it was just figuring out the middle names. He got three because we couldn’t decide, and they only give you and your drugged-up mate three days to decide and finalize the paperwork. We thought we had three months! So, XIOSX are his initials, and that combination is going to make awesome tattoos (think galaxies, yin/yangs, phi, and arrows) for my wife and I. Most importantly, we wanted a fragile little boy to have a big, strong name!