Name your 3 (and only 3!) favorite food items

You may be as general or specific as you like. But you only get to name 3.

[li]Ice cream[/li][li]Fresh summer tomatoes[/li][li]Cheese[/li][/ul]

Of the top of my head:

  • Krispy Kreme glazed donuts hot from the fryer (I may be prejudiced as I am eating them as I type).
  • 5 Guys Burger and Fries French Fries. Not sure why, but I find them addictive.
  • Oscar Meyer Brausweiger. Been eating it since I was 5-6 years old (I’m considerably older now)

This can vary from hour to hour.

At the moment:

Ice cream

Three is a good number, because I can never choose between my top 3, but I know which 3 are on the top.

Good calamari
Dandelion salad
Fresh, home-grown tomatoes

Unfortunately, two of those are seasonal, and one is hard to find any time of year this far from an ocean. Fortunately, one of those seasons is just about upon us.

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Three things I can always use to make a snack or a meal:


Fresh, local, steamed corn on the cob

Ice cold watermelon with that slightly grainy texture

Potatoes in various forms

I’d really have to work within categories to give a meaningful answer, but if I am given three blanks I must fill in with foods I could more or less live on (as opposed to chocolate, ice cream, etc.), then

Good steak - strip, t-bone, porterhouse
Good potatoes - mashed, baked
Good bread - any fresh, fragrant kind, but real sourdough (Colombo green) preferred.

When’s dinner?


Sour dough bread
Dark chocolate
Strong [good] coffee


Can we stipulate that summer-ripened tomatoes is a gimmee’? It just seems like the right thing to do.


It’s problematic though, because the first two are completely useless without butter. And with enough butter, I can make almost anything taste good. So arguably that should be my #1?

Well, yes, I’d agree with you; but I think flodnak would disagree:

Every time the subject of tomatoes as the perfect food comes up, I think of his “Goo bag” descriptor, and I can’t help agreeing with him. I just love them anyway.

  1. Bacon.

Is there anything else?

  1. Sugar

  2. Fat

  3. Salt

Of course bacon is top. But you could have added pork and ham!

Living now in the land of thuh lobstah, I would be in paradise except that my preference, very strongly, is crab. King crab preferred, fresh Dungeness second. To me, lobster is slightly sweet and almost tasteless… unless you drown it in butter.

Ice cream

Liver and onions

Properly hot-oven-baked (without foil) potato jackets.

King crab legs, right off ‘The Time Bandit’.

Watermelon - if it were year round, I’d eat it every day
Chocolate - in any or all forms, food of the Gods
King crab legs with drawn butter - just yes

Come to think of it, this would also be my last meal request, should that ever be necessary