names for Roomba vacuum

Ours is Johnny 5. He is named after the robot in Short Circuit. My name is Stephanie which is also the name of the girl in that movie. My husband is John…so we figured it was perfect!

Roomba = Cat car.

Just look on YouTube for the amount of cat videos where cats ride roombas

Kirby. It’s a pun, because the Nintendo character has a sucking/inhaling power, and of course, there’s the Kirby line of vacuum cleaners.

Kirby’s round like a Roomba too.

Variously, suckbot, Robomaid, or Maria (or Conchita).

Nobody’s come up with Sucky?

I would suggest J Edgar
(Hoover is a verb to vaccum in the old country)

How about Vroomba?

From a Simpson’s episode, how about Malevolent Evil?

Give it a mushroom top and call it Goomba. Try not to stomp on it.

Goldie for a bottome feeding goldfish.


FAU=Feline Amusement Unit.

First one was Puck, current one is Rags but thought about Mopsie, Rosie and Sonny.

Uriah [Heep] – a Dickens character known for his unctuous displays of humility (who was proven to be covetous, deceptive, and a most unreliable worker, so watch out!)

Pleco – short for plecostomus. Fresh-water aquarium enthusiasts can vouch for the bottom-scum-feeding abilities of this species. Alternatively, catfish, loach, carp, just the generic “bottom feeder,” etc.

Homer – for Homer Simpson, who tends to eat impulsively and compulsively anyway, but esp. WRT the “Treehouse of Horror” episode in which he succombs to the extraterrestrial blob and becomes a monstrous, green Blob/Homer, devouring Springfield.

Sedaris – for David Sedaris, the comic writer. Before he hit it big as a writer and NPR contributor, Sedaris used to work as a housecleaner – because he liked the work (he’s got OCD, IIRC, and was something of a compulsive cleaner anyway). I guess the suitability of this name depends on whether you find your Roomba funny, and how you feel about Sedaris’ writing!

I have a cousin who loves hers and named it Stella.