names for Roomba vacuum

I bought my first home yesterday and ordered a Roomba for it today. I need to come up with a name for him/her. I got one for my parents 2 years ago and my dad named him Jack, after the robot in Gears of War. The main character in GoW would saw “Jack, rip this door” and the robot would use a blowtorch to cut a door open. My dad likes to say “Jack, clean this floor” and he’ll push the clean button.

Anyone have a clever name i could give to my bundle of joy when it arrives?

I’m boring, I just call him (yes, mine’s apparently male) “Roomba.”

One Roomba owner refers to hers as J. Alfred Proomba at one point (hilarious story, btw), but that’s a tad wordy.

Wouldn’t that make him Roombo? Roombo, that’s not bad…

Ours got named John Henry.


I just got a roomba too. I love mine, but likely will not give it a name.

my roomba is roo and the scooba is scooby.

Sucky? Zephyr? Aeolus?

Some other wind name?



I am soooooo jealous. Now I will have to start naming my imaginary, future Roomba. how about … Dog? (always picking up crumbs) or Felix (from the Odd Couple)

I was going to suggest Rosie, as well.

Mine is Zoomba the Roomba.

My mama’s is called Flora.

I do kinda like this. “Paul” is so simple and it kinda makes me laugh to look at a roomba and think “Paul” :smiley:

If I had one I’d probably call him Mr. Monk or just Cleany.

We just call ours ‘the robot’. Mostly when we are reassuring the dog that he is higher in the pack hierarchy than the robot is.

“Robbie” and “Robina”.

Oh. You said “clever”.

Currently, ours is doing the dreaded “circle dance” so right now, its name is “Bad Roomba!”

I am going to try the can of compressed air and spray under the sensors later today and see if that fixes the problem.

Otherwise, we’re still trying to find a name, but just call it “Lil’ Roomba” for the time being. We’re waiting to see it grows up to look more like his side of the family or mine.
(It does sound a little like my Aunt Jo - she too used to say “uh oh” whenever something bad would happen.)

Slave 1


From I, Robot.

“One day they’ll have secrets, one day they’ll have dreams.”