Roomba names

In this thread there is a discussion about Roombas and it seems like a lot of people have named theirs.

I don’t have one but my mom named hers ‘Rambo.’

Who else named their Roomba?

My daughter was 4 when we got ours and she named her, Daisy.

Not a roomba, but my parents named their robot pool cleaner “Bruce” after the mechanical shark in Jaws.

Ours doesn’t have an official name (mostly because my husband rolls his eyes at the thought), but I think of it as “Bonk”. It certainly does, a lot.

Not a Roomba, but we used to have a shop-vac with a missing wheel. We called him “Tripod,” after our dog.

mine is “roo” of course.

Robby. What can I say? We’re painfully unoriginal, sometimes.

I lobbied for either Andrew or R. Daneel, but I was overruled. Harrumph.

Sonny. From the movie I, robot.