names for twin girls

Got twin girls coming around new years. Looking at baby names.

-Prefer classic names
-standard spellings
-no goofy or cute twin names

I kinda like Audrey and Vivian just as an example. China Bambina is named “Jacqueline.”

Any thoughts?

Og bless you for that!
-Anastasia (Anna for short)

Our daughter has friends named Claire and Blair. The funny thing is that we have some friends who have two German Shepherds (sp?) named Clara and Bear.

I think you are on the right track. Just name them two names you like. Don’t start them with the same letter (Darrel and Darrin) or make the rhyme. Yuck!

Comfy and Minty

Kimberley and Grace

Alexandra and Samantha

First, I really like the two choices you already listed, Audrey and Vivian, as well as the other ones people suggested. Here are some that I like:
I also think Valerie is a really nice name! :wink:

My twin sister and I are Karen and Virginia. Of course, I always think that’s the classic twin girl combination.

Grace and Sarah

Congratulations to you and China Lady


Just thought I’d pop in on this one… my real name, as you may have guessed by my Dopername, is Anastasia - and I’ve never been called Anna in my life. Not saying you can’t, but it just caught me off guard :wink: Most friends/family call me Stasia, or Stacie. I prefer Stasia. It’s a nice name you can do a lot with, though, I highly recommend it :stuck_out_tongue: (In the cartoon movie, they called her Anya - I was confused then, too!)Five names for the price of one - could be a good thing, could be a bad thing.

I think your original names are quite lovely. Classic, and when they get older they won’t hit you over the head for naming them Bibsy and Bobby or Bitsy and Tipsy or whatever.

I love Grace and Lily. Lily could also be short for Elizabeth.

Odette and Ondine.

Odette is from Swan Lake, but I’m not sure of other mythological meanings.

Ondine is a beautiful water nymph who falls in love with a mortal, who betrays her – but she gets her revenge.

It’s unfortunate that both names start with “O”, since it makes them sound like “twin names”. But they are “classic” in the sense of being from classic literature/art/tales.

A friend of mine has identical twin girls: Kathering & Elizabeth.

Classic & timeless.

I like Audrey & Vivan alot too. Classic, nonconforming, yet not el trendy.

Rather than suggest specific names, I will air my criteria - please do with them what you will:

- The names should not rhyme - not only does this have the tendency to be annoyingly cute, but in a very practical sense, it makes the names sound alike, so it can be harder to get each of their attention individually (“Blair” “who? Claire?” “No! Blair!!” you get the idea…)

The names should have different vowel sounds - unlike, say, Kate and Amy. Again, calling them can be a pain - I have a son and a daughter - Jake and Kate - and trying to get one of them upstairs to get dressed for the day is a royal pain. “Jake, come upstairs” “me, Daddy?” “No, Kate - Jake!” “Me daddy?” “Yes, Jake - you!”

The names should not start with the same letter - just a cutesy-thing for me. Chrissy and Caitlin. Billie and Bobbie. Jackie and Jesse. I dunno - I feel less strongly about this one, but it really runs the risk of being cutesy.

The names should not be “theme-based” - Rarely, I run across twins named for, say characters in a book. I know two boys named Parker and Miles - fortunately, the dad is a huge jazz fan. It just seems like you are saddling the kids with the burden of forever being associated with the source of their names. What if they don’t like jazz? And it seems to be worse for twins - we named our daughter Kate in part for Katharine Hepburn, but no one needs to know that, but if you name the kids Eliza and Jane, any well-read person will go “awwww, Pride and Prejudice”

Bottom line? I am for naming the kids with individual names which you like. Sarah and Julia. Rosemary and Thyme (kidding!), er Sandra. Give them a chance - if they want to embrace their “twinness” that will be obvious without twinned names. If they tend to act more as individuals, don’t burden them with twinny names.

My $.02…and no, I don’t have twins, and am not a twin, so may be completely off base here…

[QUOTE=Johnny L.A.]

Odette is from Swan Lake, but I’m not sure of other mythological meanings.


Odette’s evil twin from Swan Lake is Odile. Probably not a good choice for one twin, though.

For the love of your daughter, do not name her Ashley. It is far too common at the moment, and if one twin is named Ashley, the other will get nicknamed Mary-Kate, or at the very least jokes on that theme will be made.

Also be kind with middle names. Michelle is a lovely name, so is Sarah, but naming a girl Sarah Michelle just now would be unkind.

I married a twin, Theresa. Her sister’s named Jaqueline, but we call her Jackie. I like those.


Bob & Ted
Carol & Alice
Franks & Beans
Death & Taxes
Number 1 & Number 2 (helps if you are a fan of the 1960’s TV show, “The Prisoner”)
Kirk & Spock
Mary Kate & Ashley

by the way, China Guy - please forgive my manners: Congratulations!!!

Also - from your OP, you already get the “no twinny names” so that is good! :slight_smile:

Audrey and Vivian are wonderful choices.

Rachel and Rebecca. I’ve always thought these names sound good together for twins or sisters.


My twin girls start with the same letter. I don’t remember it being by design - it’s just that we really like the names. Sarah Elizabeth and Sophie Mae. :smiley:

We had a running list of names going the whole time my wife was pregnant. Certain names would be in favor for a few weeks, then they’d fall out of favor or suddenly seem ridiculous. Generally we gravitated towards French, English, and the Old Testament for names, with some forays into Arabic and Indian sources.

There’s also a bit of family history behind the names.

Once you pick the names, then you have to decide who to assign them to. That’s the fun part. In a nutshell, we gave the wild one the more regular name and the quiet one the more unusual name.