So, then, what DO we name our twins?

I’ve read the last couple of threads about unique names being too unique and ‘out there’.

We are having twins (boy and girl) in a couple of months, and are having some difficulty naming them. We would like something unique or at least uncommon. Having less-than-common names growing up, we like the idea of the kids having their own identity. (yes, I am aware that their identity comes from the person, but the name is a first impression).

Some of the names we like are despised by some members of this board, but sound nice to us. We are not overly concerned about the origin of the name, but are not going to use anything like Plague.

Our current list includes the following:


They will each recieve the middle name Morgan (it may be confusing if we made each first name that, but fun).

So…your suggestions?

FTR my name is Tyler and my wife is Trina. When introduced, I quite often get called Trevor and she Trish. We have considered (for about a second) naming them Trevor and Trish. Luke an Leia have also been frowned upon…

I don’t think anyone would bat an eye at Autumn, Piper, Stirling or Keaton these days.

Matisse and Indigo, on the other hand…

Well, just IMHO those sound more like good names for your cats.

The names that you’ve come up with are fine. Although, I’m one of those who leans towards the more traditional side of the naming argument. So, I gotta say I’m not crazy about Indigo (especially for a boy) and I really don’t like Matisse (can’t see naming a girl after a male artist). I had a step-brother for about 6 months, named Sterling. He was as dumb as a post. Hell, if he’d been half as useful as a post I’d have been right proud. But that’s just me, go with what you like.

Personally I’ve been thinking that I like William and Elizabeth. Plenty of options when it comes to nicknames and they sound regal.

I also like Steve and Amy. Simple, to the point, and everyone knows how to spell them.

If you want to give your kids creative names, that’s great. But please, please don’t try to make an everyday different by a “unique” spelling. That drives me nuts. Other than that, I don’t have any real strongly held naming ideas.

BTW, congrats on the twins. How long till they show up?

Oh, and about the “had a step-brother for about 6 months” thing, my dad came to his senses and divorced Sterling’s mom, thank God.

Too bad they’re not 2 girls. I was gonna suggest Kate and Duplikate.

Autumn, Piper, Stirling, and Keaton all strike me as way too trendy. I don’t really like them. Matisse is just too… strange.

On the other hand, I like the name Indigo. I’ve never heard it suggested as a name before, but it sounds nice. It sounds more like a female name to me, though.

Well, since you asked…

On a 1 to 10 scale, where 1’s are of the Michael/John/Mary type, and 10’s elicit exclamations of “They named that child WHAT?” Tyler, Trina, Autumn, and Piper seem to be about 3s or 4s.

Stirling & Keaton (unless they’re family names), Matisse & Indigo, are in the 7-8 range, to me, anyway.
((I also don’t really like the way Autumn Morgan or Keaton Morgan sound, especially if your last name also has two syllables. Indigo Morgan works well, the vowels help.))

Congratulations on the twins!

How about something old fashioned but classy, like Philip and Olivia? Or how about Russian names?

Mrs. Kunilou and I worked on the counterbalance theory. We both have long and unusual last names, so we went for simpler, shorter (or at least easily shortened) first names. We also wanted to stay away from names that could be easily paired, figuring the twins would have enough problems being paired up.

BTW, if you constantly have your own (not THAT unusual) names mistaken, why on earth would you wish that on your kids?

One more big vote NO against Matisse.

I really like the name Piper. Autumn is good, too.

Keaton & Stirling make me think of well-groomed men in business suits circa 1987. ::shrug::

Indigo is an AWESOME name. Makes me think of the night sky. Also, as someone else pointed out, Indigo Morgan has a very nice ring to it.

I think Autumn & Indigo would be EXCELLENT names for twins. Autumn & Indigo mesh very nicely.

I’ve always though Tia and Ian would be good girl-boy twin names, too.

Well, the big questions you really need to ask yourself is, “Will this name cause my child to get beaten up when he or she is in school”, and “Would I embarrassed to have this name?” I’m of the opinion, if a name’s cute, it’s a bad idea. I mean, the name may be cute to call your baby, but before long, he or she is going to be applying to schools, or to a job, and will want to be looked at as a professional adult, and it’s hard enough to get respect from other people, even if you don’t have a cute name.

Anyone else find it Very Vaguely Creepy to think that 10 or 20 years from now, one of these kids could see an archived conversation in which a bunch of relative strangers argue about what his or her name was going to be?

Anyhow, in case anyone is interested, here are some names that members of my family have had:

Allana Joyful Raven (“Joyful” in everyday conversation)
Sierra Wildrose (“Sierra”, which is a lovely name, imho)
Zelda (now rendered silly by the omnipresent video game)

What about for 2 boys: Pete and RePete?

::runs away::

first off, let me say I’m a twin so I’ve gotta say you’ve got your hands full and Good Luck! :slight_smile: I’m partial to Trent as a guy name. I don’t know many good and different girl names though. The names you listed are ok but their a little different. All I can say is don’t name your kid after a season or something like that where they might be able to be picked on easily. If you want a place to look for a name go to you can search by name, first letter, meaning and a couple other things. Good Luck and Congratulations!!!

OK, these are cool names. Not a “D’Wanda” in the bunch.

OK, I wouldn’t name my kid Matisse, but you can if you want. However, “Matisse” is the one of these that seems to have an awkward rhythm with “Morgan.”

Actually, no, you’re going to have to justify naming your girl after a French artist’s surname. Sorry.


Adrian [m]
Adriana [f]
Angelo [m]
Antonio [m]
Ariel [f]
Audrey [f]
Bassanio [m]
Benvolio [m]
Bianca [f]
Cassio [m]
Ceres [f]
Claudio/Claudius [m]
Cordelia [f]
Curio [m]
Fabian [m]
Hermia [f]
Iris [f]
Lorenzo [m]
Marcellus [m]
Mercutio [m]
Miranda [f]
Olivia [f]
Ophelia [f]
Osric [m]
Phebe [f]
Portia [f]
Roderigo [m]
Rosaline [f]
Sebastian [m]
Silvia [f]
Theseus [m]
Tybalt [m]
Viola [f]

Uhh… OK, “Ariel” was a female in the Tempest, but it’s a Hebrew male name.

hmmm… a lot of Italian names here… !!! I know what I can do with this list! Thanks, ssskuggiii! ::sneaks off grinning::

[re: ssskuggii’s Shakespearian names]

Dude, you forgot Iago [m] and Desdemona [f].

Iago Morgan Jones
Desdemona Morgan Jones

How’s aboot:

Stan & Wendy? (think about it :wink: )
Anakin & Lolita?
Hansel & Gretel?
Hannibal & Clarice?
Mickey & Minnie?
Pongo & Perdita?

I don’t have strong opinions about any of the names mentioned but I just want to ask one thing of you. Please, PLEASE don’t give them really similar sounding names or names that you know sound really cute together. Of the three sets of twins that I know, I really wonder what their parents were thinking. Arlene and Ilene, I could never ever tell the two apart until they started talking and in normal conversation I always mixed up their names. Jess and Jake aren’t too bad but it still sounds too “cute” and quite confusing at times, I have to get it straight because my best friend is going out with one, though it helps that his brother looks evil. Richard and Robert, not too great. Please don’t traumatize your children, please.


So, Fairy Princess Kitty, you would be opposed to naming triplet boys Gilbert, Philbert & Dilbert? :smiley:

shudders rastahomie, don’t even kid like that, you’d traumatize the poor kids for life.