Names that only sound right together like Rock Hudson

I did not know how to name this thread (as you can see).

There are some names that sound really good or look right like ‘Rock Hudson’. But just ‘Rock’ does not seem right. Nor does ‘Goldie’ or ‘Red’.

Other examples -Tuesday Weld,Zero Mostel, Demi Moore,Goldie Hawn,Red Buttons,Sigourney Weaver,Vin Diesel.

Fatty Arbuckle<<<<<<<<beat that if ya can!
Brad Pitt
Ben Turpin

Dick also works with Turpin.

Nothing really to add other than the anecdote that Rock Hudson used to share the story that he almost didn’t end up as “Rock.” The manager who gave him the name (and who also named Tab Hunter…ooh, Tab Hunter, that’s a good one) almost called him either “Jump” or “Click.”

Either of those names would have ensured that I never saw one of his movies. Jump?* JUMP?*

A slightly different approach here, but I always prefered Sonny and Cher to just plain Cher. It kinda rolls of the tongue.

Jude Law, now there’s a name (which, IIRC is his given name).

Rhett Butler. Could anyone else be a Rhett?

Just a goshdarn minute here.

Are we talking real or fictional 'cos Rhett aint real unlike Buck Rogers

Bugs Bunny

What about Bugs Meany or Bugsy Siegal?

[George Costanza] Buck Naked! [George Costanza]

Wolfman Dave wouldn’t have been famous. Wolfman Ted couldn’t get a job. But Wolfman Jack = the right name. (Incidentally, his name was Bob.)

Engelbert Humperdink

Wolf Blitzer and Stone Philips (sorry iffen spelling is wrong) come to mind.

Rip Torn.

Biff McLargeHuge

Randy VanWarmer and Boxcar Willey . Somebody once said that the latter sounds like a type of STD.

Rection, Hugh G.

Raquel Welch.

Back in the 60’s a whole “stable” of British rock stars were renamed . Thus we ended up with Vince Eager, Johnny Gentle, Dicky Pride , Billy Fury, Georgie Fame and Marty Wilde.