What SDMB Name Did You Almost Choose?

I very much enjoy reading the “Silly names are bad” and “Silly names are good” type threads. Got me to thinking about the names I rejected in favor of my Warner Cartoon name. I almost chose “HowlingOldOwlInTheWoods” from the next-to-indecipherable line in the Elton John song “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road,” to wit: “I’m going back to my farm, back to the howling old owl in the woods.” I think the next line is “hooting at the horny-backed toad.” But discounted it as too long (at the time, I assumed I would have to manually enter the SDMB every time I visited, and I didn’t feel like having to constantly type half the alphabet).

My second choice was Nimp BiBi. I have an original movie poster for “Escape From New York” framed by my desk. It reads:

New York City
is a walled
maximum security

Breaking out
is impossible.

Breaking in
is insane.

Chucked it, too. Just sounded too weird. Though it would have made a great “What happens on May 33rd” type question.

Anybody else?

Sir Rhosis

Actually, it’s “I’m going back to my plow,” etc., etc.

Almost chose “illegal”, 'cause it was my irc handle for years. I decided against it for the obvious reason that it might bias people before they read my posts :slight_smile:

Thought about my name, G. Raven, but decided against it.

— G. Raven

Mythilt, another character I RP’s name. But more people online know me as Narile since it is also my ICQ nick. I also almost chose TheDragon, but forbore.

Lemon Sorbet

Actually, I’ve been thinking about changing my name, seeing as how my current username refers to a job I no longer do (submarine fiber optics). Since Sir Rhosis (cool name, btw) brought up Elton John, do you think Horny-back Toad would be a good name?


I was going to be “Lobster” because it’s my ICQ nick, but thought it sounded a bit too blunt. A lot of my friends call me “Kayeby”, so I chose that.

BabyFishMouth from the film “When Harry Met Sally.”
New Original from “Spinal Tap.”

I’ve been thinking of joining another message board, and tossing these two names around:
Five tons of flax
Shaolin Monkey

Baconleg. I had a friend who used to say “Hey, what’s shakin’ Baconleg?” every time we met. Cracked me up. She still calls me Baconleg every now and then.

I was almost Rohji. Which was my old AIM screen name, and my Sci-Fi channel, Caption This!, website username. Its short for a certain disease. Rohji Panty Complex.

I bet Guinistasia knows where that one’s from.

I was going to go with SpaceCow, but decided against it because people get confused. They think, “Like Space Cowboys, the movie?” No, just SpaceCow. Like the animal. So I went with neptune_1984 because I’ve had this identity for almost two years (mostly on Yahoo!, but where ever I sign up for stuff, I make my screen names “neptune_1984”) now and I’m quite attatched to it.

Scyllas Goat. Actually, Im thinking of changing my name to just that. What do you Dopers think?

I never figured Dire Wolf would be available (surprise!), so my backups were:

Porch Dog and BodhiSeltzer

Bungalow Bill
Lemon Perfect
Margaret Thatcher’s Teeth

Thought they all would be a bit hard to pull off.

I’ve been thinking of changing mine to The Hedgehog Shop, a phrase that came up in one of those surreal conversations that just seem to happen when you’re dating someone from another country…

Me: “Do you have hedgehogs around here?”
Male Porpentine: “Yes, but they’re hibernating right now.”
Me: “That’s a shame. I’ve never seen a wild hedgehog before.”
MP: “A wild hedgehog? What other kind is there?”
Me: “Well, I’ve seen pet ones.”
MP (stares at me in amazement): “You mean in America, you can go to the bloody 'edge’og shop and buy an 'edge’og?”

So I explained about exotic pet shops (it turns out they have some in England as well), but somehow the image of a store with shelf after shelf of nothing but hedgehogs has haunted me ever since…

I almost was “Al Sharptons Hair”
But it was just too much for me, heck, too much for anybody. Even too much for Al Sharpton.

I tossed around Scabby Monkey, but thought it might conjure negative mental pictures. (I’m not that scabby…)

I also thought about Big Fat Goalie in honor of the Friends episode where they bet the girls’ apartment on their knowledge of each other. (“Big Fat Goalie” was Monica’s nickname when she played Little League hockey. It still cracks me up for some reason.) I decided against it because:

  1. I’m not fat. Not fat at all. Pretty bony, actually.
  2. I’ve never played hockey.
  3. I don’t even really like Friends all that much.

HA, I almost chose erislover, and I’m still considering asking my humble TubaDiva if I can change it.

Giraffe, lol… words to the wise on impluse naming.


No reason. Really. I swear.