In which xtn considers a new name, and asks for opinions

The one I have I use for my e-mail address, and I dunno, I just don’t like them to be one and the same. So help me out here - I’ve thought of a few possibilities:

  1. Tock. From Phantom Tollbooth. I’d prefer Milo, the protagonist, but I’m afraid I’d be confused with Milossarian. I have also considered

  2. KingAzaz, since my favorite scenes involve his Cabinet, and

  3. TheWhetherMan, whose station in Expectations begins the book.

  4. JeremyFisher. The first book I could read by myself.

  5. Neodymium. A chemical element I’m fond of (makes great glass).

  6. Nicodemus, the cool rat from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

  7. Him. The villain from “The PowerPuff Girls.”

  8. RantingSwede. From “Sheep in the Big City.” The problem is that I’m not Swedish (although of some Swedish descent), and I pride myself on ranting as rarely as possible. Also from “Sheep”:

  9. PvtPublic, and

  10. Oxymoron.

That’s enough, I guess.

Hey, since I am a lawyer, and I do live in NYC, “CoolRat” has an interesting ring to it, too…

If I were allowed to change my name (again!), it would undoubtedly be to the more…sexy Zap Brannigan, my hero.

I hand my claim to you.


I’m stunned! Shocked, I say!

No one has been in here yet to suggest The Perfect Name??

Fine, fine. I’ll do it since the lovely and talented evilbeth is not around yet.


Chicken of Bristol would be a cool name.

I’ll vote for Chicken of Bristol. Second choice, Nicodemus. Nico was a cool rat.

Huh? Am I missing something? Help!

When you do decide on something, don’t forget to log into dantheman’s thread: Change your SDMB name recently? Post here!

The poster formerly known as jti (sig™ inserted at request of dantheman).

I don’t know if your a Terry Pratchett fan or not, but I love the name Bloody Stupid Johnson.

And FTR, Manservant Hecubus is one of my favorite names on the board (don’t mind me, I’m a KITH nerd…).